It’s at this time of the year that China’s biggest video game expo, China Joy, throws its doors open to the gaming public. And as with events like Tokyo Game Show here in Japan, what many visitors will undoubtedly be drawn in by are the absolutely gorgeous booth babes (or “booth companions” as those in PR would prefer us to say) who line the arena’s stands in their dozens.

Japan’s Xinhua News reports, however, that despite being something of a main attraction for many visitors, a number of these same young women earn a considerable amount of money in between trade shows by working as mistresses on the side.

The situation first came to light when the vice president of China’s famous game union spoke out on the women’s activities, commenting that there was a price list in circulation, which varied depending on the girls’ respective qualifications and the like.


The average shelf-life of a booth babe comes in at a modest five years, and after this period many worry about securing further work. Apparently, in attempt to dispel these fears, many are becoming mistresses, making ridiculously large sums of money in the process.

In recent years, at act of having a mistress has become popular among some groups of affluent men in China, and many think of their mistresses as status symbols. The exact figure a mistress earns depends on criteria relating to their academic background, employment history, sense of style and the like, but reports suggest that the figure can be anywhere from US$2,550-10,000.






Source: Xinhua