According to people who know these kinds of things, Hello Kitty is so cute that it wouldn’t even hurt if she fell into your eye.

We’re not entirely sure where reality ends and metaphor begins with that sentence, but Fall in Eyez, a color contact lenses company, has decided to find out with their new Hello Kitty contact lenses!

▼The cat’s meow! And heart.kitty

Called “Hello Kitty Violet,” these contact lenses are a light purple with illustrations of Hello Kitty’s demure face and heart marks encircling the pupil. The design should increase the perceived size of your irises, though they don’t do anything to actually help you see better.

Color contact lenses are quite popular among young Japanese women—particularly lenses that “enlarge” the pupil to create a sort of “anime eyes” effect. Obviously, Hello Kitty is also quite popular among…well, everyone, if we’re being honest, but especially among young Japanese women. So, this seems like a match made in cute fashion heaven by kittens dressed in tutus.

▼Without eyeball enhancing contact lenses…

anime eyes2

▼With eyeball enhancing contact lenses!
(Obviously, the careful application of makeup helps too.)anime eyes

These Kitty-chan approved lenses, produced by Fall in Eyez, are the first of their kind in Japan, though Hello Kitty contact lenses have already debuted in other counties, like the one pictured below.


As you can see, the Japanese version will have slightly sharper illustrations and hearts instead of flowers. Additionally, Fall in Eyez boasts of being the only color contact lenses company in Japan to be have proven the safety of their lenses in clinical studies. Man, we would not want to have been in the control group for those studies!

Japanese netizens seemed to have mixed feelings about the contact lenses.

Transforming into MEGA-KITTY!!!!

Who does this appeal to exactly?

Contact lenses that hurt when you put them in would be outrageous.

They’re so cuuuuuuute!

I wonder what it would be like using these…

I want those Lawson Hello Kitty plates.

There’s always one who can’t help going off-topic, isn’t there? Hey, we want those plates, too, but try to focus here!

Anyway, the lenses go on sale today (August 1) and will only cost 5,800 yen (about $58). They’re not prescription lenses, so while they might make you cuter, they won’t improve your cuteness vision. Luckily, coke-bottle glasses are still in style, right?

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Image sources: Mery.jp, Twitter, Naver Matome