Cats, eh? Lying around in the sun all day, ignoring their owners until their greedy little bellies are empty or they have an itch that they can’t scratch on their own. Anyone would think they weren’t put on this earth to constantly entertain us!

But if your pet cat simply isn’t in the mood to play and is the kind that will let you place random objects on its back without clawing your face off or vowing to smother you in your sleep, this little trick to transform an inactive furry pal in everyone’s favourite Studio Ghibli fluffball Totoro might be just the way to liven them up!

Making clever use of its beautiful grey fur (in a nice way!), Japanese Twitter user @bump_take transformed his cat by placing just a few bits of paper on its back and head. With a marker pen, a few paper circles and an oval for a nose, this napping feline becomes a mystical forest god in the blink of an eye!

totoro tweet

▼ And here’s the original Ghibli character just for comparison.

totoro real

That’s a job well done, we’d say! And with more than 18,000 retweets so far it looks like Japan’s online community would agree! Let it never be said that arts and crafts are dead. Coming soon: using nothing but a roll of Sellotape and some cotton balls, our very own Mr. Sato transforms his pet hamster into Jigglypuff…

Source: Twitter Takemasu
Cartoon image via Tumblr RainbowPebble