Teachers, beware. You might have thought your students were paying attention to their books and sums, but it turns out that they were busy snapping pics of your slender legs with their smart phones!

These pics of sexy teacher legs showed on on a Chinese internet message board lately, then on a Japanese site where netizens immediately began to fight over which was the sexiest. We can’t help agree that the teacher in question is a bit of a knock-out, but we’re sure there are going to be some stern conversations being had at school this week.

I’m sure many young men going through puberty have become enamoured with a young female member of staff before, but I’m not sure that many have had the gall to take such an extensive collection of photos…

▼This seems to be the only consensual photo…

▼Blurry, but you get the idea.


▼What a stack.teacher17

▼Keep the lesson short but sweet.

▼Stand up and point at a blackboard all day and you can have legs like this too.


▼Snatched between piles of books.


▼Top marks!teacher13

▼Chic minidress for maximum thigh gap display.


▼Bluestocking? Brown stocking.


▼Show me your homework!


▼Under desk glimpse.


▼Racy leopard print Mary Janes combined with a daring close up make this a winner.


▼”I’ll just climb on this chair and…”


▼A stolen moment checking texts.

▼How long was she standing here exactly?


▼Can of Coke and short skirt make learning more enjoyable?


▼Here she is again.

Honestly, we can’t say for certain that every one of these photos is the real deal, and some of them actually look a little staged, but if they are it’s worrying that these students could have managed to take so many undetected. We can only surmise that mobile phones in China don’t have the obligatory extra loud camera sound that plays whenever a photo is taken like they do in Japan…