Many girls across the globe were fans of the famous manga and anime series Sailor Moon as children, some even beyond their schoolgirl years. Who hasn’t wanted to try out that kick-ass sailor uniform she wears to fight evil villains? Well, don’t worry if you’ve already outgrown your middle school uniform. We found one fan who took her love of the series a step further than even simple cosplay.

From the seamstress that brought you the Sailor Moon-type brasier, comes another ingenious outfit for more mature crime fighters that might be just a little bad themselves…


Introducing the Sailor Moon Lingerie Set! In addition to the sexy white bra, it comes with a blue capelet, long gloves, and the signature bright-red ribbons on both the front and back of the ensemble. And, since true defenders of justice always make sure to wear their underwear (sometimes outside their clothes), this bedroom costume comes complete with a royal blue underwear/skirt combo.

Fellow fans of this risqué nightwear can purchase their own order-made set from Etsy for 15,000 yen (US$152). And it doesn’t stop with the main character. The maker of this outfit offers her services to make other sailor scout colors, as well! Try the cool blue of Sailor Mercury, or the fiery red of Mars on for size! She’s got a Mini-Moon, too!

Check out her profile on Etsy and this fun promotional comic she made for her sexy sailor scout skivvies:




Source: NetLab
Inset images: Etsy