What’s on the catwalk this season? A very innovative feline creation!

In Japan, where space can be limited for cats and humans alike, a lot of pet parents keep their pets indoors. Still, cats love the outdoors. The fresh breeze running through their whiskers and so much more to see and smell! This new catwalk lets cats roam the outside perimeter of the house, free from potential dangers. It really is so wonderfully simple that we can’t help thinking “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Discovered by Nekomemo, a Japanese site dedicated to all things feline, this clever walkway lets your cats get some fresh air and enjoy the very best vantage points without their owner having to worry about where they are.

Here we have it, the ultimate in feline indoor-outdoor flow. Just try not to let your cat know when you might be going to the vet, and everyone’s happy now…

Source: Nekomemo (Japanese)