Since the latter half of July, multiple cities in southern China have been struggling with temperatures exceeding 42℃ and little relief in sight. With lakes and pools at maximum capacity thousands of people are trying anything they can to cool down.

However, in a testament to the human spirit, some folks have found ways to have a little fun in spite of heat wave.

In Shanghai where temperatures had been exceeding 38℃ for seven days straight, a TV program tried to grill a pork rib on the ground and was able to brown it after 10 minutes.

Someone else in Changsha where it had been over 35℃ for 25 consecutive days was easily able to completely fry an egg on the ground.

It wasn’t all cooking for fun, however. There was also an incident on 30 July where a fish truck overturned causing its cargo to spill out onto the road. Within minutes the fish began grilling by themselves.

All over the country, shopping centers where inundated with people taking advantage of the free and strong air conditioning provided. Others enjoyed the cold tile floors underground in a subway station of Hangzhou by lying down on them.

We hope that the people in China can stay cool and stay safe during these hard times. At the very least the nation can take heart knowing that they possess melt-proof ice pops – just as long as they don’t touch the ground and burn up.

Source: EpochTimes (Japanese), Information Security Bi-Weekly (English)