Currently the hot new phone on the block, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is incredibly popular the world over. And as smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life, owing to their relatively short battery life, it’s nothing strange to see people tapping and swiping away at a game or text message while their phones charge, whether it’s the Galaxy S4 or an iPhone 5.

Though after reading this story, you might be less inclined to use your device when it’s plugged in.


After finishing dinner one evening, a man in China by the name of Du was relaxing on his sofa playing a game as his Galaxy S4 charged.

His wife, Yujiu, was in the other room washing the dishes, when she heard a loud noise like an explosion. Turning around, she saw that Du’s phone had burst into flames.

Crying out, Du flung the phone away, but, due to on of the worst cases of bad luck we’ve ever heard of, the phone ended up landing directly under the sofa. As you may expect, the sofa, too, caught fire, and the flames soon spread to the curtains and then the rest of the apartment.

Acting quickly, Du and Yujiu promptly ran upstairs to warn the people living above them. Firefighters soon arrived and put out the blaze, but not before their entire apartment was destroyed.


Aside from Du, who received only light burns, no one was injured.

An inspection has turned up no foul play. In fact, the battery and the wall adapter were both found to be factory-supplied parts, so it’s still unclear why the fire started. In the end, this just seems like a horrible case of bad luck, though exploding batteries aren’t really anything new.

So, please, be careful with you phones! Overheated or dented batteries can lead to “energetic cell failures,” which in turn can result in fires and/or explosions. If you think there’s something wrong with you phone, it might not be a bad idea to take it to your carrier to get it inspected.

Source: Gigazine

Image source: IT Home