Cats, by their very nature, are languid, sprawling creatures that refuse to do anything you tell them to. “Come here, Maru!” you coo soothingly only to find that Maru has dashed off after an errant box, knocking over a lamp, a picture, and, somehow, the refrigerator.

While it’s always cute when it happens to other people, it sure would be nice if our cats were just a little neater, right?

Well, it looks like one Japanese blog has figured out how to neatly arrange their felines. Let’s learn by closely examining these pictures—try not to let the adorableness distract you!

Use the following tips from Japan’s Naver Matome to get all your ducks…uh, kitties in a row.

A place for every kitty and every kitty in its place!

cat stacking1

Considering how small most houses and apartments are in Japan, it’s imperative to make the most of every inch. Stacking gives you extra floor space and allows for rapid, efficient petting!

Though we’re not sure that this “skyscraper” is really earthquake proof.

Label your kitties!

cat stacking2

We already knew how much Japan loves its stationery supplies and its kittens, but we never expected to such a literal collaboration!

When storing your kittens, we recommend clearly labeling containers to avoid petting pens and having your hand scratched off when trying to scribble down a note.

Happy Holinayns!

cat stacking3

Christmas is more of a romantic holiday in Japan–and what’s more romantic than seven kitties waiting to be fed?

Also, by storing your cats in buckets, you can easily transport them around the house with you. But be sure to get those adorable paws in the buckets before beginning transportation!

Restrain your unruly cats.

cat stacking4

While these three nyan-rolls aren’t quite as delicious-looking as the last time we had cat sushi, we think this must be the best way anyone’s ever stored cats before. They can’t even scratch!

Additionally, as this picture shows, you’ll want to keep them in a transparent container so you can easily find them when removing them from storage.

The redesigned cat skyscraper

cat stacking5

Now this looks like it could withstand a bit more shaking than our first cat skyscraper, making it a slightly better choice for Japanese cat lovers trying to make the most of their house space.

Going nowhere in a handbasket

cat stacking6

For cats, handbaskets are just very portable capsule hotels!

Also, when storing your cats, you may find that some of them get awfully lonely. It’s best to store them together in such cases.

Driving me up a wall!

cat stacking7

These space-saving cats know how to pick up after themselves. And for those of you who hate making decisions, these wall hangers allow the kittens to choose their own spots–saving you from any mental anguish!

Quick storage in a pinch!

cat stacking8

If you find yourself needing to store a lot of cats in an emergency, cardboard boxes will work temporarily. Though we wouldn’t encourage you to leave them stowed that way for long–cats with large bottoms may break the boxes!

The files you submitted are currently being processed.

cat stacking9

Wouldn’t we all love to have a designated office cat? Unfortunately, every office always seems short on space–but here’s one way to easily stow your cats at work! Just be sure to use a divider so your kitty doesn’t tear up any important documents.

But where will we put our shoes??

cat stacking10

It looks like these cats have taken over the local grade school shoebox–or maybe their owner is just teaching them to roost like chickens? Either way, if you happen to have a old shoebox lying around, you can put it to work holding cats!

And you thought your apartment was tiny!

cat stacking11

For anyone who’s ever lived in Tokyo, this picture is less cute cats and more nostalgic.

These metal racks are good for really tiny apartments–and, besides, cats love squeezing themselves into tight places. Bonus points for getting them all facing the same way!

They watch you when you sleep…

cat stacking12

While it might look like these three furry critters watched Juon (The Grudge in English) a few too many times and are waiting to traumatize their humans, this is actually just a great way to stow your kitties!

Be sure to put them in boxes with handles to make pulling them out of the closet easier.

For space-maximization, consider storing your cats in your closet hanger!

cat stacking13

But if you’re going to use these cloth racks, you might need to reinforce them for your heftier felines.

Talk about micromanaging!

cat stacking14

If you do plan on storing kittens in your desk, be sure to lay out a few textbooks and homework for them to land on. It prevents them from getting hurt when leaping out, and if they tear everything up, you have a great excuse for not turning it in!

Comfy beds are best!

When organizing your cats individually, it’s best to get the comfiest beds you can. While it might prove a bit pricey at first, the comfier the bed, the longer they’ll sleep! And the less mayhem they’ll create.

Sun-dry your cats before storage!

cat stacking16

A well sun-bathed cat is a calm, content cat. By laying your cats out in the sun for a while, you can ensure that they have a sunny-day scent and are feeling nice and relaxed when stowed away.

Testing your cat-stacking skills.

cat stacking17

You may want to consider testing your own skills before you start the arduous task of actually organizing and stowing your cats.

If you can achieve results similar to the picture above, you’re probably ready to start tackling your own messy cat problem!

Caring for your organized cats.

cat stacking18

Finally, once you’ve gotten your kitties all organized, be sure to show them love, affection, and plenty of attention! Just because you’re saving space doesn’t mean you can ignore them!

Note: please do not try to actually follow this guide. RocketNews24 is not responsible for excessive cat scratches or the loss of eyes.

Here, kitty-kitty-kitty!

Source: Naver Matome