Don’t coupley photos like this just make you sick? Half sick with envy, and half sick with plain nauseating cuteness. This is Keisuke Jinushi, a bright-eyed young lover, obviously infatuated, being lovingly hand-fed and spoiled by his devoted girlfriend.

Or is it? Let’s take another look. Actually, these photos are nothing more than cunningly framed selfies! But how did he do it alone?

▼Ah, the happiness of a loving relationship. What could be nicer than showing your love by feeding your lover choice morsels, like a baby bird?

▼Here we have our hero, Keisuke. Pondering how to achieve the photographic delights of coupledom while flying solo…


These kind of photos capture timeless moments, telling a story we can all relate to. And then posted online because, you know, why keep that intimate moment to yourself when you can show everyone what a great time you’re having? “Mmm sweetie, this is so delicious, you have to try some! Here, open wide…”


▼”Oh, you have some ketchup on your face!” (giggle) Note the glazed look of joy as his girlfriend wipes off the sauce, about to lick it from her finger and kiss him to make sure none is left.


▼Now this is how it’s done as a single-person selfie! Pshaw, who needs a relationship anyway. This guy’s “lover” is his own right hand. While his right hand acts the part of “girlfriend”, his left presses the button on his smartphone to take the picture.


▼Here we have the amazing result!


▼…here’s the big picture! No shame in being single.


▼But how on earth did he get his hand looking so beautifully feminine? First, the skin tone is differentiated using pale foundation…


▼Then, carefully apply nail polish… Ooh, should’ve taken better care of those nails…


▼Tada! The finished product. As a final artistic touch, to avoid confusion a cute scrunchie is added.


▼Pro tip: it’s best to add a retro filter, or take the picture in cutesy Instagram style to make it a real “girlfriend” pic. There are tons of smartphone apps that will make your pic super-cute!


▼Here’s another thing: the expression on your face should naturally be an embarrassed grin. “Awww, she’s taking an embarrassing photo of me…” It’s perfectly possible to do this alone!


How about other cute couple scenarios? Such as the classic picnic in the park. The guy falls asleep after their picnic lunch, and the girlfriend gets bored and amuses herself taking silly pics of him napping. She can’t wait to show him as soon as he wakes up! He’ll probably pretend to be annoyed, and they’ll have a little tussle…


▼This is how it’s done solo!


▼Finally, she started drawing on his sleeping face! What a minx.


▼Here we have the master at work, taking these “park” photos all by himself. When he uploads them to Facebook, everyone that sees them will be so jealous…


▼All those hours “we” spent messing round in McD’s, playing with french fries. Sigh.


▼And all that time it was really only me. Me and my imaginary girlfriend. Love is all you need.


Inspired by the master’s efforts, I imitated them in the photo below. After all, it is the sincerest form of flattery. I wasn’t sure exactly how to create an imaginary “boyfriend” for the selfie, other than by gluing extra hair onto my hands, roughening them up and biting my nails to the quick. Then I had an idea!

▼Guys may find it difficult to express their true feelings…

No imaginary girlfriends or boyfriends were harmed in the making of these photos.

Photos by Keisuke Jinushi at Daily Portal Z, final photo by RocketNews24