From stuffing to pushup bras, women the world over have numerous techniques for increasing their bust. So, regardless of how you might feel about contemporary beauty standards, it’s impossible to deny the massive demand that “size-increasing” bras have. And you can bet that every undergarment-producing company in the world wants to be the one with the, uh, biggest reputation.

In an attempt to prove just how much their bras can boost your bust, the Thai branch of Wacoal released a risqué commercial that’s earned them quite a bit of international attention. And once you see it, you’ll understand why!

According to Wacoal, their bra will easily increase the volume of one’s breasts, but rather than expecting us to take their word, they decided to prove it. And there’s no better way to prove how awesome your bras are than to get someone young and sexy to show off the goods!

The commercial, which has already garnered nearly four million views on YouTube, shows a pretty young model with some sexy music playing in the background. Between closeup shots of the model’s chest, we see a subtle, sexy smile, hair blowing in the wind, and then the intimate image of make-up and clothing being removed.

Finally, as the commercial reaches a climax, we see the model’s manicured hands reaching back to unhook the bra. And then the camera cuts to the model’s chest and…and…and…

“Whoa!” we shout, “Can they really show this on TV!?”

Show what, you ask? Well, we’re not going to spoil it! You’ll have to find out for yourself.

▼ Watch the Thai commercial that’s sweeping the world!

We have to say that the eyebrow raise at the end wraps everything up into a nice little sexy-but-hilarious…uh…package. Don’t you agree?

And now you’re probably dying to know how they did it, so here’s a humorous and informative behind the scenes video!

After seeing this, we think we might have to buy a few Wacoal Mood bras and have the sensuous Mr. Sato model for us! Maybe we should do a Kickstarter campaign…
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