sword finished proper

It’s the holy grail of video game blades, the iconic weapon that has played a pivotal role in countless Hyrulian adventures to date: The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword. Whether you first came into possession of this fine blade back in the 8-bit era, firing blocky beams of energy from its tip to dispatch foes, or wielded it for the first time much more recently via your Nintendo Wii’s remote, we’re sure you’ll agree that the Master Sword is one of the coolest, most iconic blades in video game history. And now, in response to hundreds of requests from his fans, master swordsmith Tony Swatton has recreated it in epic detail.

Throw away your plastic cosplay trinkets, kids–it’s time to go full metal.

Face of the fantasy weapon mecca that is the Man At Arms YouTube channel, bearded man-mountain Tony Swatton has been a blacksmith armorer for decades, providing the movie industry with all manner of fearsome blades and replica skull smashers. Despite having produced dozens of truly incredible recreations from the likes of He-Man, Thundercats‘ Sword of Omens, and battle axes from open-world role-playing smash Skyrim, the weapon that Tony’s fans have requested of him most often is the mystical blade from the acclaimed video game series The Legend of Zelda.

sword requests

Unable to keep his fans waiting any longer, Tony and his team got to work, producing an object of undeniable beauty. Featuring everything from the sword’s inset jewel to its majestic blue hilt, this is by far the most accurate and magnificent replica of the Master Sword that we’ve ever seen. Suffice it to say, we wantsss it!!!

sword start

▼ Grinding the blade. Does it get much more badass than this?

sword grind

▼ Sand-casting the sword’s iconic hilt.

sword hilt

▼ Even at this early stage the sword looks magnificent.

sword coming along nicely

▼ Electro-chemically etched triforce symbol.

sword engraving

▼ Nearly there!

sword tony

▼ Ladies and gentlemen… the Master Sword!

sword finished proper

sword finished close

sword finished

After all that welding, hammering and artistic etching, all that’s left to do now is smash something with the finished article! Starting, of course, with an innocent earthenware pot. Well, this is Zelda after all…

▼ Alas, no rupees hidden in this one!

sword smash

▼This gentleman clearly cares little for reviving his health or magic power…

sword potion smash

▼ And finally, a shot of a young woman with large breasts holding the blade.

sword pose

You can check out the entire forging process in the video below. With the king of swords finally tackled, we’re not entirely sure what Tony will turn his skills to next, though we have a feeling that his many fans can come up with something!

Source: Netorabo (Japanese)
Video/images via YouTube AweMeChannel