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At around 6:15 p.m. on Monday, August 12, the Tokyo skies were ripped apart by streaks of lightning, and rain the like of which few urbanites have ever seen flooded the streets. Umbrellas were abandoned, taxis pulled over to the side of the road, and crowds of commuters–many having only just finished work and anxious to get home after yet another swelteringly hot day–ducked and winced with each clap of thunder above their heads. Unable to go any further, many sought refuge in shops and cafes, while those who made it to their respective stations were met with bad news: the trains had ground to a halt. Instead of being well on their way to a shower, clean, dry clothes and maybe a meal with their families, Tokyo office workers were packed into stations, hot, dripping with rainwater and sweat, and becoming increasingly irritable.

But then there were the heroes. The everyday men and women who, refusing to be beaten, said “Screw this!” and went for ice cream. And cake and beer and a whole lot of other good food while they waited for the rain to stop and normal service to resume. These are the people we salute today.

Like the old saying goes: When life hands you lemons, go for ice cream. Here are our 10 heroes of yesterday’s freakish weather. Bravo to each and every one of them for making such positive and delicious choices!

1. Cake me, I’m yours!

rain shirodo

Twitter user @shiroclo decided to hold up in an old-school cafe while the sky gods threw a hissy fit, opting for chiffon cake and coffee, served by a young lady wearing classic maid outfit, no less. Respect to you, shiroclo!

2.  Home of the free refill

rain jirodaisuki

User @Jirodaisuki meanwhile decided to take shelter in none other than Mister Donut, claiming the lives of a seasonal treat alongside a matcha and chocolate classic. Because why let your evening meal stand in the way of sweet snacks?

3. Leadbelly perk

rain panda104

For those especially irked by the weather, sweets simply won’t do. Ueno no Panda called in to an izakaya and ordered up some spicy chilled tofu and a nice big bottle of ice-cold Kirin classic to wash it down with, at once shunning heartburn while refusing to let the weather get him down. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

4. Bring me something’s flesh!

rain hiro_tabibito

Clearly looking for any excuse to visit, @hiro_tabibito dodged the rain by ducking into to none other than “Kagurazaka’s best yakitori restaurant” for some chicken skewers, and didn’t skimp on the drinks either.

5. A little “me” time

rain yooshimy

Also glad of the chance to dine out, Twitter user @yooshimy settled in to watch the lightning in a restaurant that offered a good view of the skies, a single candle adding a hint of much-needed romance during these hours of wet socks and bolts of insta-kill electricity flying through the skies. Stellar work here.

6. “The other one’s for my friend.”

rain lovefriendsmile

“Whatever, I’m having ice cream,” tweeted the owner of marginally frightening username @LOVEfriendSMILE. You know what, we can’t help but agree.

7. Mystery meat

rain omemu

This guy, meanwhile, decided that the “guerrilla rain” justified to a trip to none other than MOS Burger, the hamburger chain famed for freshness and being that little bit healthier than its counterparts. Quite what they ordered here we’re not sure (we THINK that’s a hotdog wiener…), but they still get our respect for refusing to have their spirits dashed by the weather. Given the choice between sausage and standing around in the rain we know which we’d choose.

8. The cherry on the cake

rain washooy

Nothing says “I’m having an awesome day” like the addition of a cherry to a dessert. Twitter user @washooy decided to give themselves a “reward” for getting through the day by ordering dessert while waiting for the trains to start running again. RocketNews24 salutes you!

9. Ice cream, because screw you, rain!

rain hataoribe

And nothing tells the bad weather that it’s not welcome more than standing just barely out of its reach while eating ice cream, each defiant lick taunting the gods’ efforts to wash us away. @hataoribe knows the score here, and he’s earned our respect. Lick away, my man!

10. No nonsense

rain spixy074

Finally, Doraemon fan @spixy074 hit the nail on the head by skipping the treats and the side dishes entirely and going straight for number one. Kirin Number One, in fact. After being soaked to the bone and told you can’t go home yet, we have a feeling this made everything seem a lot better.

You’ve done us proud here, ladies and gents! Keep up the fine work and we’ll see you next shower.

Source: Naver Matome