Oddly, while there are plenty of disaster movies about earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, sharknadoes, sharktopi, even unexpected ice ages – honestly, how does an ice age sneak up on you? – there has never been a disaster movie in our memories that focused on deadly heat waves. Which is weird, because here in Asia, deadly heat waves occur every single year. And this year, it’s so bad, it’s literally causing society in China to come to a grinding halt.

If the Internet is to believed, right now China is all sad pandas, uncontrollable fires, bodies of water crowded to dangerous levels with stinky human bodies, and people literally living in caves because of the unbearable summer heat. The following photos will give you an idea of just how hot it is in China right now. We swear these are all from China, not from some forgotten society living on the surface of the sun:

▼ It’s hard to tell, but this panda is actually laying on a giant block of ice. Why aren’t the other pandas hanging out on the ice block too? Because this one killed all the others.



▼ Sun, now you’re just being a total d&#$


▼ This may look like a friendly game of Majong, but they’re actually playing to determine who stays in the cave and who is cast out into the wasteland.


▼ When it gets too cold in Russia, they play chess. When it gets too hot in China, they play Majong.


▼ Ikea was kind enough to let people sleep on their couches.


▼ Damaged crops after a drought caused by the heat waves in China.

▼ Don’t worry, everyone in the following two photos is alive. We think.



Let this be a lesson to you: never, ever, ever plan a trip to Asia during the summer. If you absolutely must come during the summer, don’t bring any cooling devices or ice. People will tear you apart to take them from you.

Source: Matome Naver