Although Attack on Titan may feature some pretty gruesome, bloody scenes, it has, surprisingly enough, inspired one of the cutest cosplay costumes we’ve ever seen!

Spotted at Comiket and in Akihabara, this diminutive cosplayer may have just won the award for cutest thing ever. Check below for more pictures to leave you screaming “Kawaiiiii!”

Based on the uniform worn by Levi (or Rivaille), the fan-favorite captain of the Scouting Legion, this little kid’s costume was actually made by his father, Twitter user TOMYKoubou. The industrious parent used lion board (or koyo soft board) and Thomas the Tank Engine lemonade bottles to assemble the tiny gear. The jacket was handmade by his mother using an Aloha shirt pattern. The father also wore a Levi costume crafted with even more attention to detail. The father and son pair was obviously a big hit at Comiket.

▼ Well, he’s not camera shy at all, is he?

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▼ This little guy might have more poise and confidence than 12 adults.



▼ If you’re awesome and you know it, high-five everyone!


Even outside of the convention, the chibi (“little kid”) Levi garnered some well deserved attention. Here are a few photos from a family outing to Akihabara.


Notice how it looks like he’s swaggering in the picture above? The father had tweeted that he was “practicing Levi’s walk” before the convention. Talk about attention to detail!


▼ And here are some photos of the tiny hero at home, showing off his costume.


▼ We dare you not to grin when you look at this. We dare you!


▼ Father isn’t about to be left out of the fun!


▼ And thus the Internet was won.


Japanese Internet users also completely lost it when these pictures hit the Net:

A mind-blowingly cute Captain Levi!

This child captain is so freaking cute! The kid, around 3 years old, is dressed up like Levi!

I saw the child captain in person! (^ω^三^ω^) So very cute!!!

It’s cute, but it was really hot and really crowded, right? Was the little kid really okay?

The kid has to put up with that awful otaku stench.

While we appreciate the commenters’ concern, we’re pretty sure that the parents kept a watchful eye on their child. We’re not sure what to say about this stinky business, but it can’t be worse than the trains after the high school baseball players get on.

So what do you think, readers? Is this not the cutest cosplay you’ve ever seen??

You can also check out TOMYKoubou’s Twitter page (Japanese only) where he answers questions about the costumes, in addition to posting pictures.

Sources: Twitter, Hachima kiko