According to the Hindustan Times, a Chinese military patrol had entered into India and crossed paths with one of their patrols. Both sides requested that they leave each other’s territory and a stand-off ensued.

Unfortunately these types of infractions leading to stand-offs are far too common in the Northeastern border of India and China where a loosely defined and understood “Line of Actual Control” separates the two nations.

However, this time both sides backed off and returned to their respective countries without incident. Also as an added sign of goodwill the Chinese soldiers offered the Indian troops some cans of Budweiser. The Indian side reciprocated with some sugary dumplings called ragullas.

This incident, along with multiple other recent run-ins, has fueled negotiations between the two countries to sign a new pact increasing restrictions on the area and potentially reducing the amount of violent encounters if agreed upon.

Japanese netizens commented on the news, saying that they hope the Senkaku Islands dispute can also be somehow peacefully quelled – especially if snacks and beer are involved.

Source: Hindustan Times (English), Xinhua via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
LAC Map: Wikipedia – Central Intelligence Agency
Rasgulla Image: Wikipedia – Archbik
Video: YouTube – newsexpressonline

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