Mushrooms are funny things. There’s colourful mushrooms,  luminous mushrooms, fairy circles of mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, and the infamous magic mushrooms. But I ain’t never seen a mushroom like this before…

This specimen was found floating around a Chinese message board. We thought it was too good to stay hidden and it looks like it’s just begging to be shared, so here you go.


This isn’t one of those Jesus-in-the-toast situations where you have to squint and stand on your head to see it. Nope, there’s no debating this one – it’s an arse.

Sitting there proudly, baring itself to the sun without shame, a perfectly formed, rotund pair of buttocks. It looks so soft and unblemished and… edible?!

Isn’t nature miraculous?

Image: (Chinese)
[ Read in Japanese ]