This otter isn't dead (we promise!) We know what you’re thinking! But before you click away from our site in disgust, just know that this otter is NOT dead! He’s very much alive and doing something completely adorable.

The picture above was taken from a video of an otter at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo on May 12 of this year. The little guy is a European otter who seems to be “sleeping with the fishes.” But in fact, he’s just taking a snooze with his head underwater. The video also includes the following description: “There were many concerned visitors asking, ‘Isn’t it dead?!’ It’s okay, he’ll come up for air when he runs out.”

We’re left wondering why this cuddly otter decided to float around his pool facedown instead of happily frolicking with his other otter friends. Maybe he’s just trying to cool off. Of is he lying in protest of the hundreds of kids who bang on the glass every day? Or maybe he’s just tired of shaking everyone’s hand. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Source: Kotaro