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As part of The Fourth Qianmen Historical & Cultural Festival, the streets of China’s capital city have been transformed this month by a group of talented artists. Using the pavement and plain stone walls as canvases, the artists have produced an array of incredible 3-D paintings that is wowing both tourists and locals alike, with photos of the jaw-dropping work being shared all across Asia. Check out some of the coolest street art we’ve ever seen after the jump.

The festival aims to promote traditional Chinese culture as well as support developing industries, and even dedicates event space for a folk arts show and traditional foods from neighbouring Taiwan in an effort to improve relations between the two countries.

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to pass through the decorated city streets, tempted by the vast array of crafts and delicious-smelling local foods, but what is garnering the most attention online this week are photographs taken along the 845-metre pedestrian haven that is Qianmen Street, which has become a temporary home to 15 enormous 3-D paintings of everything from Chinese dragons and traditional foods to…boys tormenting insects with chopsticks?

streetart 12

▼ The power of perspective

streetart 11

▼ Get off that dragon’s head, little girl…

street art 10

street art 9

▼ It’s hard to believe this is little more than colour on paving slabs

street art 8

street art 7

▼Okay, who else is hungry?

street art 5

street art 4

street art 3

▼ We can’t help wondering how many people this one caught by surprise

street art 2

The event is running now until August 25, with various discounts available to those who share snaps of the awesome street art online via China’s Wechat social media service. If you’re in the area, be sure to stroll through and let us know what you thought.

Source: City of Beijing homepage
Images: CRI Online City of Beijing, via Kotaku