Only a little over a month ago we were in awe of South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-ji and her 360° wind up pitch as it made waves over the internet. And yet already, a new challenger has stepped into the arena of making first pitches look like a Tekken move.

Actress Tae-Mi was scheduled to make a first pitch during a game between the SK Wyverns and Doosan Bears. Taking to the mound she appeared to limber up for your typical overhand pitch when she suddenly flipped out – literally.

At this point we should probably point out that Tae-Mi is featured in the movie The Kick, a martial arts movie centered around taekwondo. This would be fitting as Tae-Mi is a former world champion in the Korean fighting style and is now acting. Alright, now that we’re up to speed let’s watch the show.

Within about five days of its posting, the video is nearing two million views as of this writing. Sufficed to say that people are liking Tae-Mi’s moves on the field… probably the hot pants too.

But was she better than Shin Soo-ji? They both managed to reach the catcher’s mitt without a bounce after doing a potentially disorienting maneuver, but Tae-Mi looked like she was closer to the top of the mound. They both did that pose at the beginning that one netizen said “looks like Hentai Kamen.”

Then we have the hot pants. While many comments supported the use of short shorts saying “Great legs!” and “Yeah, sexy!” some thought it showed a lack of class saying “she’s trying too hard to stand out.”

Personally, Shin Soo-ji seemed to have a more fluid and graceful throw whereas Tae-Mi did more of a jump-then-throw, but in the end it probably won’t matter. At this rate another beautiful woman will probably come out in a Bears uniform soon with yet another acrobatic ceremonial first pitch possibly trumping the previous two.

In fact we may soon see this tradition morph into something completely new in Korea: The Ceremonial Opening Hot Girl Doing an Eddie Gordo Kick while Pitching. And who would stand in the way of that?

Source: YouTube – mykbonet
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