Summer vacation in Japan is quite short compared to other countries running only for around a month and a half. On top of that, with extra-curricular activities and homework to do during that time children still have limited freedom to enjoy themselves. When there’s some time to let loose, you bet they’re going to take it.

Combine that with the social phenomena of Middle Seconditis (Chu Ni Byo) wherein students in the second year of middle school undergo an unusually self-centered or rebellious phase. However, contrary to the name, Middle Seconditis can affect anyone at any time – especially if a freezer is nearby.

Thanks to the advent of social networks such as Twitter, we can now monitor the behavior of Middle Seconditis sufferers and try to find a cure for this dreaded disease. Let us examine some specimens.

“Rice polisher now lolol.”

First off, we have these gentlemen having a little fun with a rice polisher. Japanese people are really particular about the subtle details of rice taste and texture so these machines ensure a shiny clean grain with a pure taste.

So you imagine how thrilled the locals who use this rice polisher are with the added taste of a sweaty hairy teenage boy covered in pus-oozing pimples. At least he took the courtesy of removing his shoes so that they may enjoy his foot juices as well.

Speaking of lending your own personal flavor to something…

“Dohtonbori now!”

We can only hope this young man was “bad-ass” enough to do us all a favor and steal those sauce bottles when he was finished.

The greater Japanese public takes their food very seriously and netizens proceeded to wish every misfortune imaginable for that boy causing whoever posted the photo to terminate their Twitter account.

“Does everyone like the ocean?”

Great, so what are these jerks going to do with all that garbage on the beach…

“The ocean is great, but polluting it isn’t. The Zushi Coast is our area together with all the locals. Throwing trash in our area is inexcusable. Watch your manners.”

Oh… well, that’s pretty awesome actually. They should have told me earlier though. Ya know, before making me call them “jerks” like that. It was very inconsiderate… Ahem, next.

“Injuring myself now”

This future Darwin Award contender is showing us how well his critical thinking skills have developed. His parents must be so proud.

“I vandalized this patrol car because I have Middle Seconditis!”

As the summer vacation was drawing to a close we have this little gem out of Hokkaido. We know it’s Hokkaido because it was written on the car, as did all of the other people on Twitter who contacted the prefectural police and tipped them off.

Considering in the original Tweet two of their faces were completely exposed and posted along with a written confession, other pictures, a newly set up podcast, and lots of other detailed information, it didn’t take the pissed-off police long (about overnight) to track them down and press charges for destruction of property.

“Two youths arrested for destruction of property.”

Indeed, it’s been one stupid summer in Japan but it’s soon time for these future leaders of the nation to put down the smartphone cameras (which can be used against them in a court of law), get back the three Rs, and continue to make us all proud.

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