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There’s a fad sweeping Japanese Twitter accounts right nowmwhich involves putting scrunchies (elastic hair ties covered in ruffled fabric) around the waists of girly figurines to make it look as though the characters are on the brink of a panty shot. The scrunchies sit much like a skirt, but billow as though affected by a strong breeze. This method works especially well with figures wearing bathing suits.

Or so we’re told. As it turns out, running a tag search on Twitter for figurines sporting scrunchies doesn’t necessarily reveal the risqué sort of results that one might have hoped for. But honestly, everyone should have seen this coming…

Japanese news blog, Jin115, recently gathered a collection of Tweets wherein the burliest characters ever to be molded into plastic were dressed in matching scrunchies to act as skirts. The results are down-right hilarious!

▼ Let’s start things right with one of Alien‘s Xenomorphs. “Am I doing this right?”

scrunchie skirt01

▼ JoJo and Caesar train together for Broadway in the new series spin-off.

scrunchie skirt02

▼ When news got out that Alien was doing it, Predator decided to don its own scrunchie skirt.

scrunchie skirt04

▼ “He’s kinda cute once you move past the sense that he’s flashing his panties.”

scrunchie skirt03

▼ Two words: Let’s party!

scrunchie skirt06

▼ This figurine looks embarrassed to have been caught in women’s clothing.

scrunchie skirt05

▼ When one wife came across the panty-shot craze, she was inspired to play copycat with her own figurines. Joey did not disappoint.

scrunchie skirt08

▼ A scrunchie on Narancia actually makes him look like a girl! But, be careful of nip slips in addition to panty-shots!

scrunchie skirt07

▼ What’s been seen cannot be unseen. Enjoy the rest of your day!

scrunchie skirt09

Source: Hamster Sokuhou, Jin115 (Japanese)
Top image: Wind up my skirt, JoJo’s Bizarre Encyclopedia
Twitter images: heisuke666, yorozuya_4628, hyap820, crimson448, returoma_410K, ei_1i, son178, marie_rasukaru1, izmy00