iwata axe top

Yesterday we brought you news that Nintendo will be releasing a brand new version of its popular 3DS handheld console, this time featuring a flat, slate-style design but with its top screen’s 3-D functions removed. Dubbed the “2DS”, the console is aimed primarily at younger audiences and will be sold for some US$40-50 dollars less than its 3-D-enabled brethren.

Within just a few hours of its unveiling, however, images made by digital jokesters all over the world began appearing online showing Nintendo exactly what they thought of the new console’s unusual design. Here’s a sample of some of the best so far.

First of all, here’s the real thing.

2ds red

It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but from practical standpoint, this flat, solid piece of hardware will no doubt stand up to far more abuse than the clamshell design of all previous DS models, whose hinges are just begging to be snapped by a clumsy toddler or a five-year-old who simply must jog around the room while playing Mario Kart. The screens may be a little more susceptible to scrapes, but when stored in a protective case the 2DS should last a lot longer than a 3DS in kids’ hands, not to mention cost both Nintendo and the consumer less to make and buy, respectively.

There are plenty out there, however, who are not entirely bowled over by the console’s design, with words such as “doorstop”, and “chopping board” being bandied around on online forums, along with comments like “It’s ducking fugly!” (We think we’ve got that last one right.)

The vast majority commented on the machine’s sheer size and odd shape.

▼ Big enough to protect a grown Spartan warrior.

2DS 6

▼ Bringing back the classics.2ds 1

▼ A step too far?

2DS 5

▼ “Tough and durable, eh? We’ll see about that.”

2DS 12

And then there were the real-life comparisons…

▼ Aah, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and a nice wedge of DS!
2DS 10

▼No one said it was safe for pups, though!

2DS 7

▼ Nintentoast!

2DS 4

And finally, there were the axes. Oh, the axes…

▼ Showing a PlayStation Vita who’s boss.

2DS 8

▼ Animal Crossing’s villager: what tonight’s nightmares will look like. 2DS 3

▼ Nintendo CEO Mr. Iwata shows us his best Jack Torrance.

2ds iwata gif

▼ Even staff favourite The Last of Us made an appearance!

2DS 11

▼Okay, okay, you win already!

2DS 2

Great work by all involved, but knock the design all you like, you know what all the kiddies will be getting for Christmas this year!

Source: Naver Matome via My Game Newsflash (Japanese)