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It’s no secret that South Korea has an astounding affinity for plastic surgery. While it would be unfair to suggest that the entire population is keen to go under the knife, the percentage of Koreans calling in for a nip and a tuck is literally eye-widening and jaw dropping, in addition to nose elongating and chin altering.

Unfortunately, this attitude towards altered appearances has apparently caused a curious trend in elementary school students. In an effort to appear more like the celebrities they see on TV, grade school students in South Korea are practicing something they call “self-cosmetic surgery.”

Thankfully, even though “surgery” is right there in the name, these young kids are not actually putting themselves under the knife. They are, however, turning to some pretty strenuous beauty regimes in an attempt to meet society’s surgically-achieved beauty standards.

Methods include double-eyelid trainer glasses and the nose straightener, modeled here by our very own Mr. Sato, as well as sort of chin mold, made to “correct” the contours of one’s face. All of the children making use of these various apparatuses appear to be under the impression that the younger they are able to get plastic surgery the better. It’s just that their parents won’t allow it.

Specialists in the field of child development disagree with this attitude. One specifically warns against the use of these so-called beauty products, saying that strong external stressors can badly influence the children’s physical growth. If only it were so easy to explain this logic to a 10-year-old whose most immediately perceived stressors are the opinions of his or her peers.

Source/Top image: Xinhua (Japanese)
Inset images: RocketNews24

▼ These kids had better be careful, or they’ll end up looking like our man here!

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