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It’s Monday again, and trust us when we say that we feel your pain. No only do we all have to go back to work for five more days, but we just found out that, without the help of an importer, we won’t be playing any PlayStation 4 games here in Japan until next February. We are, how the French never ever say, le sad.

With this in mind, we decided to borrow a few pics from our sister site RocketNews24 Japan and cheer ourselves up. We’re sure they’ll help you get back into the rhythm of the working week too.

In all honesty, the majority of these quirky Japanese inventions have rarely been seen in the flesh, and it’s not clear whether it would be fair to give Japan the blame credit for coming up with every single one, but there’s no denying that these are exactly the kind of thing the country was once famous for, nor that they make us laugh in a very special way.

Sure, we’ve seen a couple of these before, but we’re sure there are at least a couple of new gems that you have yet to bear witness to, and it’s been a while since the words “weird Japan”, be they a fair assessment or not, graced our pages. Welcome to the world of weird, somewhat 80s, Japanese inventions!

▼ Waste not, want not. Edible poop!

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▼ Some see a cloth man hacked to bits, others see sleepy-time security.

crazy 2

▼ And for him, of course, the hiza makura!

crazy 6

▼ Hear a mouse flip you off in space with these uberphones.

crazy 1

▼ No more propping your head up during meetings with this spiked gauntlet.

crazy 3

▼ Not so much crazy as genius, convince your boss you’re wide awake and working hard with these eye stickers!

crazy 5

▼ Mouth too big? This’ll shrink your kisser!

crazy 7

▼ Ah, the infamous noodle-splash shield! Why did this never take off!?

crazy 8

▼ Perverts’ favourite, the panty vending machine!

crazy 10

▼ The travelling chin supporter for sleepy commuters.

crazy 11

▼ Trim all five finger or toenails at once with this terrifying terminator hand!

crazy 12

▼ Wash ‘n’ walk, the portable, eco-friendly washing machine.

crazy 13

▼ And who could forget the baby mop? One of the few inventions that actually kind of caught on!

crazy 9

Have a good week, everyone!
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