Mascots have long been popular in Japan, and there’s not shortage of chances for kids to see their favorite anime characters live and in giant-headed person. Anpanman and his crew, perhaps the most famous and beloved character among Japanese kids, can often be found on weekends entertaining screaming children all over the country.

And while it is basically child’s play, we can’t deny that with those enormous heads and choreographed dancing, the Anpanman team certainly has their work cut out for them every time they take the stage. But what happens when someone’s not quite up to snuff?

Disaster…horrifying, hilarious disaster!


Shokupanman, the Anpanman character with a thick slice of white bread for a head to the far left above, is the handsome one of the group with an ego to match his over-sized face. He also seems to be either extremely hung over or suffering from heat stroke in a video that recently surfaced online.

As you can tell from the screen shots above, while the rest of the group is making their way through the song, dancing, spinning, and marching in place, Shokupanman just wobbles, struggling to stay upright. One almost has to applaud his determination to “maintain,” though he hardly succeeds.


After stumbling around the stage for a few minutes, the music mercifully ends, and the audience applauds. While the rest of the crew wave and bow, Shokupanman attempts a hurried exit–and nearly falls off the stage. Clearly not in full control of his faculties, the breaded character starts walking the wrong way before an employee rushes out and helps him back to the changing room.


Obviously, this has gotten quite a bit of attention online, with everyone wondering just what Shokupanman’s problem was. The most popular idea seems to be that it was a horrible case of heat stroke. Those outfits do look excruciatingly hot. But maybe there’s another answer…could he have been hungover? After all many of the performers are young men, who are known to drink late into the night. Or perhaps someone called in sick and an inexperienced staff member was given the job in a pinch?

Perhaps we’ll never know, but take a look at the video and try to figure it out yourself!

Internet commenters gladly shared their hypotheses.

I used to this for a job, so here’s my opinion: it’s definitely heat stroke! If you don’t take a break every half-hour or so, your body just won’t work and you’ll be dying.

Maybe the head piece just slipped and he couldn’t see? He wasn’t moving with the rest of the team and it seemed like he couldn’t see his feet.

He’s just hungover!

Isn’t this seriously very dangerous??

Maybe he was just completely exhausted?

He’s rebelling against Anpanman!

Hmm…maybe Shokupanman really is just trying to steal the spotlight! That devious bastard!

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Images: YouTube