We’re half way through September and autumn should be right around the corner, though you wouldn’t know it from the never-ending heat. But 7-Eleven has our backs with a new, unique ice bar just in time to (hopefully) ring out this sweaty, sweaty summer.

With a shell of maccha green tea ice and a center of azuki beans, this is a definitively Japanese frozen treat. Released this week, the “Maccha Bar Azuki” is a 7-Eleven 7&i Premium product and retails for the slightly hefty price of 130 yen (about US$1.30). 7-Eleven has been releasing green tea ice cream for a while, so this certainly does seem like a natural evolution for their products.

▼”A luxurious ice bar of maccha with the rich taste of
green tea from Uji, Kyoto stuffed full with azuki beans”


For those who aren’t familiar with the small, historic city, Uji lies outside of Kyoto City towards the south-west of Kyoto Prefecture. Home to Byodo-in, the building found on 10 yen coins, and the setting of the last ten chapters of the Tale of Genji, one of the finest works of pre-modern Japanese literature, Uji is also known for maccha and green tea ice cream. So, when 7-Eleven says this ice cream bar has the rich taste of green tea ice cream from Uji, they’re making a pretty bold claim. But can they back it up?!

One Japanese desserts and sweets blogger, Okashi na Nico, decided to find out!

▼ It’s kind of stubby, isn’t it?


▼ Honestly, it looks more like a watermelon ice bar than anything.


According to Nico’s taste test, the bar’s green tea ice is very, well, icy. Apparently, it simply tastes like frozen green tea without any hint of milk or cream. For maccha lovers, this seems ideal, since it captures the essence of the green tea taste–though it may not appeal to those who aren’t big on the flavor.

The blogger also mentioned that the azuki beans were quite sweet, perhaps to balance out the bitterness of the green tea. However, it seems that they were a bit too sweet for Nico. That said, we imagine “too sweet” varies according to people’s taste buds. She also added that the maccha was the star of the show, so if you’re not keen on green tea, this is definitely one dessert you’ll want to pass on.

For the rest of you, if you’re feeling courageous, stop by your local Japanese 7-Eleven and try it out!

Sources: Agohige Kaizoku-dan, Okashi na Niko
Image sources: Agohige Kaizoku-dan, Okashi na Niko