Rock stars have been influencing fans’ bad behavior for decades, inspiring drunken debauchery for generations of wasted youth. But one Japanese rock star’s influence has taken on a slightly different form–inspiring people to run outside and dance in the middle of typhoons like the one currently battering the Japan.

When a typhoon hits Japan, most people grab something warm to drink, plop down in front of the TV, and wait for the weather to clear up. Which is what almost everyone is doing this Monday morning as Man-yi makes its way through Japan, causing flooding in western Japan and slowing down much of Tokyo.

However, not everyone is content to sit around wasting a good driving wind and heavy rainfall. Some people just feel the need to dance.


Inspired by the music video for TM Revolution’s “High Pressure” and the cover for the same singer’s single “Hot Limit” (pictured above), it seems that a number of people over the years have decided that typhoons are the absolute best time to run outside and get their groove on. The act, whose photos were widely uploaded to Twitter, became known as “TM gokko,” a reference to the song lyrics “HIGH PRESSURE gokko,” which means basically “HIGH PRESSURE play.”

▼ The video that started it all.

The trend became so popular that Takanori Nishikawa, the singer’s real name, took to Twitter to ask people to refrain from TM gokkoing. He eventually even tweeted that “Every time reports of heavy storms appear on my timeline, I feel really bad. ( ;´Д`)< I’m sorry!”

Fortunately for Mr. Revolution, it seems that most Twitter users today are merely talking about it rather than heading out to bust a move, but only a few pictures of reckless behavior having surfaced so far.

So, with this in mind, we’d like to ask everyone not to emulate the risky behavior you’re about to see. TM gokkoing is just asking for a screaming, flailing cat to be flung in your face by typhoon-force winds!

▼ The “dance” mostly consists of throwing you arms over your face.
Hip gyrations appear to be optional.


▼ This guy defines “dedication.” Possibly “insanity” as well.


▼ Kame-hame-TM-gokko!


▼ “Behold! MAN NIPPLES!”


▼ Dance like no one’s watching?




▼ What did your mother tell you about trying to fly in typhoons, young lady?


▼ Yep, this happened.


▼ Okay, we have to admit that this does look pretty badass.




▼ Even puppies are getting involved with this trend? When will the madness end??


▼ Ladies? *Wink*


▼ According to this Twitter user, the photographer was her mother. *Face-palm*


With the flooding in western Japan leading to evacuation orders for over 260,000 people in Kyoto at the time of writing, there’s already enough to worry about today. Fortunately, despite hundreds of people tweeting about TM gokkoing, it seems that most Twitter users have gotten the point and stayed safely inside–the majority of the photos above are over a year old.

So, if you’re tempted, don’t even think about it–it only takes a second for that cat to take your face off*. Just stay inside and enjoy your day off!

Source: Naver Matome,
Image sources: Amazon Japan, Twitter (almost naked men, with mother), Naver Matome