Of course, we’re all aware of the rumors about the delivery man bringing more than one, um, package to the house when the husband is away, but it seems that our men in shorts have some competition: movers! With muscular arms, polite smiles, and promises to gently and carefully deal with your most prized possessions, it’s easy to see why some may swoon at the sight of these ripped gents.

Last week, a writer from our Japanese sister-site, Pouch, headed over to the Handsome Man Movers Festival–a competition among eight moving companies organized by Suumo, the famous real estate website. Let’s see how it went!


The Handsome Man Movers Festival, held in Hachijouji City in Tokyo, featured eight competitors, carefully selected to represent their respective companies for this unique competition. They were the best of the best, the sexiest of the sexiest, and the movingest of the movingest! In fact, surrounded by buff, handsome men in uniforms, our Japanese writer found the temperature a bit warmer than she’d expected.


Aiming to be the “King of Movers,” the eight men fought their way through various competitions from laying down protective flooring to carrying refrigerators and mattresses. They also raced to pack boxes while cameras circled, capturing all their sweaty glory.

▼ Madden really needs to be doing the play-by-play here.


▼ No pressure, man, no pressure!


▼ Holy crap! This guy is the winner, right??


But the best events, according to our Japanese writer, were the arm wrestling tournament and the carry race, where the eight men each scooped up a lady from their cheer squad and dashed towards the finish line. If there was ever an event our colleague wished she could have been a part of, it was definitely the carry race.

▼ Popeye??


▼ And they’re off!


Though all the handsome young men performed admirably, there could be only one King of the Movers. And who earned himself the crown?

Yuuhei Tsurii from Sakai Moving Center!


When asked about Tsurii, who has also been selected as the number one “man in uniform” by the weekly women’s magazine Shuukan Jyosei, Naomi Oki, one of the judges said, “When you first see Tsurii, he looks a bit like a herbivore [implying a shy guy whose not interested in dating or marriage], but there’s a gap there with his strong musculature and fierce fighting spirit. That gap is what makes him the King of the Movers!”

Hard to disagree, isn’t it?


While it’s really basically just a marketing scheme, we suppose it’s hard to deny the inherent appeal of watching handsome gentlemen running around and getting sweaty. After all, isn’t that what the Olympics are? And we have a feeling that a few folks are going to suddenly need the services of Sakai Moving Center soon…

In case you haven’t gotten enough of the sexy movers, here’s a few more photos for your…umm…pleasure.

▼ We have to wonder: Are they being judge on time, form, or sexiness??


▼ We could be mistaken, but don’t you have to keep your elbow on the pad??


▼ Notice how they carefully remove their shoes before moving?
Every moving company does this. Even while carrying hefty boxes of books!


▼ Look at those smiles!


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