Many of us are warned when we’re children not to go picking mushrooms we’re unfamiliar with as they could be dangerous or possess hallucinogenic properties. But haven’t you ever wondered what happens when someone ignores these warnings and accidentally eats a magic mushroom anyway? It is not unusual to hear stories of the person becoming delirious or even oblivious to their actions after they’ve sobered up. But as they say, a picture tells a thousand words and when it comes to video footage, a whole new meaning emerges. Therefore, anyone curious about how someone behaves under the influence of these potent fungi, we urge you to check out the video footage below. It is likely to add a new depth of meaning to the dangers of picking species of mushrooms you’re unfamiliar with.

Be warned, it’s not pretty!

Some reactions from net users in Japan after seeing the footage:

“What’s the difference between being under the influence of alcohol and magic mushrooms? It looks the same to me. If there’s something wrong with all this then alcohol must be made of deadly poison as well.”

“Not to worry. The effects will wear off after a few hours.”

“Looks like a heap load of fun.”

“A couple of hours later this man will be found dead covered in the froth of his own saliva.”

“I’ve heard that the ingredients of poison are similar to ingredients responsible for making something taste good, so poison is apparently really tasty.”

“He’s a very lively fellow isn’t he!”

“It looks more normal than being drunk. He doesn’t look to be that bad and he’s walking properly. I bet he’s having a lot of fun.”

“I’ve eaten one before. When I did, I passed out for two days in bed. When I woke up, I was covered in blood but I didn’t have any cuts or bruises. It was all rather confusing.”

We just hope that the last net user’s comment is enough to deter anyone who’s thinking about eating hallucinogenic mushrooms from going ahead and doing so.

Source: Kanasoku
Image: universalmysteries