Getting your hair cut can be a traumatic experience, but as a paying customer you would expect at least to be safe in your barber’s professional hands. Sadly, that has not always proved to be the case.

On 17 September, suspect Satoshi Okubo (40) was arrested on a charge of harassment by Hyogo Prefectural Police in Takarazuka city, Japan—for kissing a female customer at his barbershop. Okubo admits to the charge.

This incident raised a number of questions for me. First, how could any barber think they would get away with planting a smacker on an unsuspecting customer without them noticing? Second, why was she having her face shaved? Hmmm…

On 10 August, in the middle of shaving the face of his 34-year-old female customer with a towel conveniently over her eyes, the barber allegedly put his lips on hers.

According to police, this customer had been patronizing this barbershop prior to that particular incident. Each time she had her face shaved, she would have this uncomfortable feeling right next to her lips. On that day, she decided to secretly film the barber going about his business. Sure enough, she caught the guy non-consensually smooching her on camera, and immediately reported it to police. Take that, hot lips!

The whole idea of being assaulted by someone’s lips while blind, vulnerable and having a razor run across my face sends shivers down my spine. Despite increased public awareness, sexual harassment (or “sekuhara” as it is known) in Japan remains a serious problem, often going unreported. In this case we can only hope that justice is served.

As for the face shaving, apparently it’s more common than I thought! Rather than creating a charming look of full-face black gorilla stubble, female face shaving (or “dermaplaning” as some like to call it) is said to remove peach fuzz, exfoliate and create a flawless surface for makeup—without giving you thicker, darker facial hair.

Be that as it may, I’m currently maintaining the bare minimum of socially acceptable hair removal and am not so keen to branch out into other areas, no matter how many snide comments Tokyo beauticians might make on my “moustache” and hair, there and everywhere.

Barbers, you can keep your razor and your unsolicited kisses to yourself, and I’ll keep my money in my wallet. Deal?

Source: Mainichi JP
Image: Walt Stoneburner