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Even though Halloween is an American import to Japan, many people celebrate the holiday in their own unique way. Although it’s rare to see kids going door-to-door to trick or treat on the night of October 31, many Japanese people celebrate the holiday by going to parties or participating in special events at school or in the community. To get into the Halloween spirit, a few clever cooks have whipped up some delightfully spooky Halloween dishes, displaying them on Cookpad, Japan’s most popular recipe swap site. Let’s take a look at 21 of the Halloween treats made by Japanese Cookpad users.

▼ Chicken skewer mummies
(Tsukune [Japanese chicken meatloaf] with spring roll wrapper and seaweed accents)Halloween Treats from Japan 21

▼ Beetle larvae
(Store-bought mini doughnuts, white chocolate, milk chocolate and oreos)Halloween Treats from Japan 19

▼ Bloody mummified smelt fish
(Shishamo [smelt fish] rolled in cabbage in a ketchup sauce) Halloween Treats from Japan 18

▼ Eyeball Calpis Jelly
(Calpis and grape juice-flavored gelatin and food coloring)Halloween Treats from Japan 17

▼ Halloween brain dessert
(Store-bought bavarian cream and strawberry jam)Halloween Treats from Japan 20

▼ Witch’s hand fruit punch
(Frozen raspeberries and cranberry juice frozen in a plastic glove)Halloween Treats from Japan 22

▼ Witch’s finger cookie
(Sugar cookie dough with an almond finger nail and strawberry jam “blood”)Halloween Treats from Japan 16

▼ Zombie omelet
(Japanese omuraisu [omelet] with hotdog “zombie fingers”)Halloween Treats from Japan 15

▼ Skull potato salad
(Potato salad skull with rice flour dumpling eyes accented with soy sauce and seaweed)Halloween Treats from Japan 14

▼ Eyeball rice balls
(Rice balls with umeboshi (pickled plum) and seaweed)Halloween Treats from Japan 12

▼ The Joker cake pops
(White cake with a white chocolate coating and icing details)Halloween Treats from Japan 11

▼ Halloween monster burger
(Burger with sliced cheese teeth and seaweed and cheese eyes)Halloween Treats from Japan 10

▼ Salmon sushi cake
(Smoked salmon over sushi rice with a seaweed jack-o’-lantern face)Halloween Treats from Japan 9

▼ Batman sushi cake
(Minced chicken, egg, and green beans with a seaweed Batman symbol over sushi rice)Halloween Treats from Japan 8

▼ Eyeball curry bath
(Rice ball with imitation crab, cheese, and seaweed accents in curry)Halloween Treats from Japan 7
▼ Finger carrots
(Carrots with sliced almond nails in a cream cheese dip)Halloween Treats from Japan 6

▼ Ghost snack
(Gyoza [pot sticker] wrapper baked in the oven with olive oil and salt)Halloween Treats from Japan5

▼ Pumpkin pie
(Made with Japanese kabocha and white chocolate)Halloween Treats from Japan4

▼ Kabocha cookies
(A slightly savory cookie made with Japanese pumpkin)Halloween Treats from Japan3

▼ 3-D skull cookies
(Sugar cookies with chocolate accents)Halloween Treats from Japan2

▼ Sweet pumpkins
(Baked kabocha and cream dessert with a pumpkin seed stem and chocolate faces)Halloween Treats from Japan

Source: Naver Matome