It was a three-day weekend over here in Japan thanks to the Autumn equinox and the heat finally gave us a break, making it absolutely wonderful! With cool weather and so much time, surely everyone was really productive, right? I mean, nothing’s better than taking a few days to really get stuff done! I bet everyone was busying with things like reading a science book, cleaning the house, studying a foreign language, or going for long nature hikes.

Or maybe people were more like this adorable, sleepy-eyed cat.

Twitter user Hassotoilet (or, in English, “idea toilet”), realizing that this Monday was a day off and thus a three-day weekend, tweeted the following series of images illustrating how many spend their time off. Retweeted over a thousand times, it seems that folks weren’t exactly surprised to find themselves so well represented by such a lazy cat.

▼ The first day of the three-day weekend!


▼ The second day of the three-day weekend.


▼ The last day of the three-day weekend.


▼ The soul-withering, spirit-shattering, heart-rending morning of the first day of work


Don’t worry, kitty, you’re not alone. We understand your pain!! Seriously, I have never seen a picture that looked so very much like me waking up to go to work. The agony of the eyes, the languid limp tail, the claws dug into the mattress refusing to let go–it looks just like me every time the alarm goes off.

And I’m not the only one who feels this way! Japanese netizens thoroughly sympathized with this slouch of a cat!

Hey! Who came and took my picture!?

Oh, jeez, yes, it’s exactly like this!!

Yeah, man, on the last day I have absolutely no energy at all!

This is just too accurate!

This is so true. I can’t deny it at all!

There’s still not enough despair in the last picture to capture how I feel.

Oh, come on, guys, if we just put on our smiles and think positive thoughts, we can make it through the day! Right? Right?? Probably not. But at least you have RocketNews24 articles to assuage your anguish. We’re better than work any day!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter
Image source: Twitter