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The unconscious mind is an interesting thing. Our natural tendencies can often say a lot about who we are as people. For example, could it be that the way we bathe ourselves gives insight into our personalities? Japanese new compilation site Naver Matome seems to think so. They’ve posted a detailed list which explains exactly what your bathing habits have to say about your brain functions. See for yourself what the order that you bathe in and the attention you give to each body part has to say about your basic personality.

  • Head and hair

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According to a 2008 TV segment that hands out fortunes according to the order in which people wash themselves, people who begin the bathing process by washing their face or hair have a personality that’s easily distracted. It’s common for these people to become curious about new things and to take on many exciting new projects, but that the majority of these things will be left unfinished. In order to improve on the quality of their lives, it’s recommended that these flighty sorts of people try to see some things through to the end.

Another article, posted to a women-oriented branch of the news site Nikkei, focuses more on the amount of attention given to each part of the body. It’s said that people who give the most attention to washing their head and hair are afraid of being a burden on others. When they have a romantic interest, they tend to watch the person from a safe distance and support them with tangible gifts, rather than emotional outpourings. People of this personality type can sometimes remove themselves from reality and fall into delusions. It’s best that they consider a way to truly approach the people that they have an interest in and meet with them openly.

  • Hands and arms

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First, it’s said that people who begin by washing their arms are hungry for attention. They never want to be left alone, and it’s important that they try to keep a positive attitude when they are so.

Interestingly, this relates closely to what sources say about the amount of attention given to cleaning one’s arms and hands as well. People who give special attention to washing their arms and elbows are said to have a strong desire for emotional support. It is important that they sense some deeper connection when in a relationship. Unfortunately, this means that if said person is separated from their loved one for an extended period of time, they may start to lose confidence in themselves and the strength or their relationship. Obsession over the legitimacy of their loving bond without any means for reassurance can cause a lot of stress in people of this personality type, so it is important for them to have hobbies that will occupy their minds with other thoughts.

People who pay more attention to washing their hands, in particular, allegedly desire constant love and attention from their partners and are thus prone to jealousy. They wish to be the sole recipients of their partner’s focus. However, such people run the risk of causing friction by becoming too clingy. It’s important that they broaden their vision and take part in the whole of society, rather than living in a fantasy land made for two. All this from hand washing!

  • Feet and legs

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People who begin at the bottom when they bathe and start with their feet and legs are said to be overconfident and a bit egotistical. It’s important that they try to open their hearts to include the will of the people around them and act unselfishly for the sake of their friends.

In a similar vein, people who take special care when washing their feet are characterized as selfish by way of ignorance. Such people like to move forward at their own pace, without necessarily acknowledging the hopes and desires of those around them. This can lead to substantial success in the work force and in their hobbies, but doesn’t bode well for relationships. It’s important to compromise when possible, for the sake of mutual growth.

  • Chest and abdomen

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And finally, people who wash their chest or abdomen before anything else are identified as highly strung and nervous. They anticipate the worst in any given situation. For these people, it’s important to take a risk every so often and learn how to properly celebrate success and deal with disappointment, so that future tasks might feel less daunting.

So what do you think? Does this breakdown of bathing habits make a pinpoint personality test? Let us know if you relate to these categories or if the descriptions went way off the mark. I’m at a bit of a loss, myself, since there’s nothing to classify those who start with the armpits… I guess I’ll have to continue relying on fortune cookies to clarify my life and future!

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Images: HDW (1, 2), Desktop Wallpapers 4 Me, Kadin, She Knows Health & Wellness