American coffee chain, Tully’s Coffee, is set to open a new coffee shop in Tottori Prefecture which will see it secure a firm foothold in every last prefecture in Japan. The absence of a Starbucks in Tottori Prefecture means that Tully’s Coffee will effectively steal the lead over the big S, who has set to set up a store in Japan’s least populous prefecture.

The new Tully’s will be built inside the Medical Facility of Tottori University’s affiliated hospital outpatient hall. It is hoped that such a location will attract not only hospital patients, but also teaching staff and students as well.

Tully’s Coffee was selected as the winning candidate for a store after the hospital made a public appeal for new businesses.

Tully’s, which began in Seattle just like its more famous competitor, currently has 513 stores across Japan and if everything goes according to plan, the new store will open in April 2014. The floor space of the new Tully’s measures in at 20 square metres and looks set to be the perfect place for anyone to unwind.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital
Image: Wikimedia Commons