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When it comes to cuteness contests, even a single panda cub is tough to beat, so you can probably imagine how we squealed like schoolgirls when we stumbled upon this footage of fourteen of them lined up in rows in a crib.

We don’t care how cute your videos of your pet are – unless it’s a duckling wearing a sling or a kitten sneezing feathers while wearing a Pikachu onesie, nothing is going to beat this!

The black-and-white fluffballs were artificially bred at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base in China’s Sichuan province between July and September this year. Put on display for the media on Monday this week, the 14 – count ’em! – cubs were lined up in size order like a child’s stuffed toy collection while cooing photographers snapped away with more zeal than if an A-list celebrity had taken a drunken tumble out of a taxi cab.

The pandas were perfectly comfortable in front of the cameras though, with many of the younger babies soon drifting off to sleep while others rolled and looked around in search of their mother. All together now: Aaaaaw!

The babies are already attracting a tremendous deal of media attention, though we very much doubt that any journalists find themselves able to pen a complete article about the cubs without stopping for at least a second to swoon and mutter to themselves, “My god that’s cute.”

▼ Please, babies, stay where you’re put!

panda 11

▼ Seriously, guys, we’re on live TV here!

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▼ Getting sleepy.

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panda 5

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▼ If you’re happy and you know it, raise your paws!

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panda 9

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Videos: YouTube CHNNewz, Sinapremium
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