To us, they’re the cute, spongy things you play with like miniature stress balls after a bad day. To cats, they’re essential for getting around. Either way, cat paws are amazing. Functional enough to unlock an iPhone and so adorable they resemble teddy bears. We take a look at some of the little known powers of a cat paw brought to light by astute Japanese cat owners. Do cats know the power they hold in their paws?

1. Reveal the character of your cat

Much like palm reading for humans, the shape and markings on your cat’s paw can reveal everything from character quirks to feline fates. According to the picture below (from bottom right to bottom left) the dewclaw reveals the life line, the first digital pad on the right relates to luck, the second pad indicates intelligence, the third love, and the fourth reveals appetites. If you’ve ever wanted to delve beneath your cat’s cool exterior and find out what’s going on under all that aloofness, your cat’s paw may help you get there.


2. Clean water

Have you ever seen a cat drink water with its paws? Apparently it’s not that unusual, with quite a few owners claiming to have seen their pets licking water from their paws. It’s said to be a throwback to their origins as desert-dwelling animals, where cats found ways to drink muddy or sandy water by first filtering it through their paws.


3. Unlock an iPhone

The fingerprint authentication function on the new iPhone 5s has been tested by cats. And they approve! Adding meat to the theory that cat paws are uniquely individual, this cat proves its ability to handle complex software. Simply register your cat’s paw from the onset and no other kitty will be able to unlock your phone. Paws for authentication.


4. Check temperatures

Some astute cat owners in Japan check the health and well-being of their pets by feeling their paws. If your cat’s paws are usually cool but then hot one day, it could be a sign that your cat has a fever. Early detection of problems can help save your cat from any serious illnesses.


5. Mini teddy bears

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never be able to unsee it: A teddy paw! Just add a nose and two eyes and then, like magic, a cute teddy bear appears! Cute, spongy and surrounded by tufts of fur. Genius body art for cats. Just be careful those claws don’t come out for a scratch!


Complex simplicity wrapped up in a ball of fur. With paws this cute and functional, it’s no wonder cats think we’re below them in social circles!


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