Since the announcement of a new Sailor Moon anime, fans of the franchise have grown super hyped for some awesome new adventures with the magical moon princess and her sailor scouts. Speculations about the next installment of the anime are soaring, and merchandise marking the 20th anniversary is similarly flying off the shelves. Playing to the growing age of their former audience, product marketers are eager to put an adult spin on all of the imagery that we fans of the series were so enthralled with while growing up.

But, let’s not forget the excitement we also held for the Sailor Moon toys they sold back in the day. Ten to twenty years ago, every transformation brooch and attack wand could be yours in real-life plastic, complete with light-up gemstones and tinkling chimes. Many of the items produced in Japan never actually made it overseas, and the majority of those are now considered collectors’ items, worth hundreds of US dollars! Look here for a comprehensive gallery of all the Sailor Moon toys taken straight from the anime!

  • Sailor Moon

Transformation Brooch – Sailor Moon’s first transformation item/toy contains pink nail polish


Disguise Pen – Allowed Usagi to disguise herself as whomever she wished/actually a pen


Moon Stick – Sailor Moon’s first attack wand


Orgel/Star Locket – music box given to Sailor Moon by Tuxedo Mask/toy plays music when opened, and the inside moon spins


  • Sailor Moon R

Crystal Star – Sailor Moon’s second transformation item/toy compact contains a mirror


Cutie Moon Rod – Sailor Moon’s second attack wand


Sailor Moon’s Tiara


Neo Queen Serenity’s Tiara


Communicator Watch – timepiece that doubled as communicator for the Sailor Scouts/toy watch has interchangeable covers to match your favorite fighter from the moon or inner planets


Star Power Sticks – transformation items for sailors Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter


Space-Time Key – item used by Chibiusa to call upon the Time Guardian/necklace


  • Sailor Moon S

Cosmic Heart Compact – Transformation item for becoming Super Sailor Moon


Spiral Heart Moon Rod – Sailor Moon’s third attack wand


Holy Grail – transformation item made by combining the talismans of the Sailor Scouts from the outer planets/toy opens to reveal a glowing crystal


Sailor Uranus’ Lip Rod – transformation item for Sailor Uranus/toy contains lipstick


Sailor Neptune’s Lip Rod – transformation item for Sailor Neptune


Sailor Pluto’s Lip Rod – transformation item for Sailor Pluto


Space Sword – Sailor Uranus talisman and attack item/necklace


Deep Aqua Mirror – Sailor Neptune’s talisman and attack item/hand mirror


Garnet Orb – Sailor Pluto’s talisman attached to her Garnet Rod/necklace


Prism Heart Compact/Pink Sugar Compact – Chibiusa’s first transformation brooch to become Sailor Chibi Moon


Pink Moon Stick – Sailor Chibi Moon’s first attack wand


  • Sailor Moon Super S

Crisis Moon Compact – upgraded Cosmic Heart Compact


Moon Kaleido Scope – upgraded Spiral Heart Moon Rod/toy interacts with the Stallion Reve and other Sailor Moon toys when brought together


Chibi Moon Compact – Chibiusa’s second transformation item/ toy will transmit to and interact with the Crisis Moon Compact


Crystal Carillon – Super Sailor Chibi Moon attack item


Stallion Reve – item used by Chibiusa to communicate with Pegasus


Crystal Change Rod – transformation item for the Sailor Scouts Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter/toy interacts with the Stallion Reve and the circular portion can be changed out for use in the rod or to be worn as a pendant.


  • Sailor Moon Stars

Eternal Moon Article – Usagi’s final transformation item to become Eternal Sailor Moon


Eternal Tiare – Eternal Sailor Moon’s attack wand


Holy Moon Calice – transformation or attack item in the image of Eternal Sailor Moon


Moon Power Tiare – Sailor Moon’s final attack item/toy created by joining together pieces from the Holy Moon Calice and the Eternal Tiare


Sailor Star Yell – anime-only attack item used by the Sailor Starlights/toy can be played like a rhythm box


Sailor Change Star – transformation item for the Sailor Starlights


And that’s all there is! Granted, we didn’t include any of the knockoffs that come as part of the Sailor Moon line but don’t appear in the series. Nor did we add extra pictures of the jewelry and make-up being sold as 20th anniversary items. We decided to focus mainly on the toys that we both loved and envied growing up.

So, did any of you readers own some of these Sailor Moon items? Do you still? Heck, are there any items that remain on your wishlist? Tell us about your crazy toy obsession!

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Anime images: Sailor Moon Wiki, Nocookie
Toy images: Moon Soldier (1,2) Moon light (1,2) Warabi (1, 2,3,4,5), Toy Tronica (1,2,3), pink suger rune, Green Room (1,2) red crows (1,2) smame, happy twinklestar, Sailor Yui Moon (1,2), Brittsuko, Zen, name unknown, Yue1907kero (1,2,3), name unknown, chibita827, momomegu, Douppachi, 3keneko, Fuka520, Mandarake