The Internet is amazing, isn’t it? With a few keystrokes, you can learn nearly anything you want. Vast amounts of highly specialized, carefully cataloged information are available to anyone with the inclination to look. And then there are the social networks that connect literally billions of people, allowing near-instantaneous communication, opening up the possibility for endless conversation. And what do we do with all this potential?

Tweet pictures of cats at each other.

You know what, humanity? I have only one thing to say to you: Meow!

While our teachers and parents might shake their heads and wonder why we don’t do something more useful with our technology, we know that looking at cat pictures is quite possibly the most important thing a person can do. After all, the universe only has a limited supply of “awwwww”s and “kawaiiii”s to go around–we have to keep making more! So, with all the urgency of a tardy student rushing to class, we present some of the cat pictures most retweeted by Japanese Twitter users.

Let the adorableness flow!

If you’re feeling grumpy today, just remember the weekend isn’t too far away and sometimes cats like to crawl inside boots. As Twitter user tonystark711 wrote: “I feel so much better now. What is with these two? LOL!” See, even Fake Iron Man loves cats.

▼ “We’re in our boots. Now where’s our DreamWorks movie??”


On the other hand, if the world seems just utterly confusing, take heart in the advice this poppa (or momma) cat is giving to its young one, according to the original Tweet, “Don’t worry. It’ll make sense when you’re older.”

▼ “Yeah, but when??


Here’s one picture that will make those of us bound to our desks with aching backs just want to cry. As Japanese Twitter user captainkijitora said, “This is…how is this possible? No matter how flexible cats are, there have to be limits! LOL!”

▼ “And for my next trick, I will divide by zero.”


There will be days when you face an opponent a hundred times your size and there will be nothing you can do but put your fists up. And possibly get your head bitten off. As mikomarch pointed out, “I saw this scene yesterday. He got gobbled up by the big guy on the left.”

▼ “Your cat-fist style is no match for me–ouch! Stop eating me!”


Don’t you hate it when your mom hugs you in public? It’s so embarrassing, right? According to hm1216, “The cat’s huge, but it also looks cuddly, warm, and snuggle-worthy.”

▼ We can’t help wondering how big this guy would look if you shaved off his fur.


And some days life just throws cats as you…this tweeted picture came with the text, “I wonder if he had intended to surprise me when I got home.”

▼ Looks like the cat was the one who ended up surprised, though.
“Some things you simply can’t unsee.”


Nothing will come between a cat and its box. Even if the box technically belongs to someone else. Tweeted by Cafe Nekorobi, a cat cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, it seems that “the popularity of the shop manager’s iMac box is reaching unnatural levels.”

▼ Hmm…time to send in Mr. Sato!


We’re not sure who this celebrity cat is, but the bodyguards are certainly intimidating! Numerous Twitter users said, “What magnificent bodyguards! Just like SP!” Short for Security Police, SP is a popular Japanese TV show about Japanese police tasked with protecting various VIPs.

▼ “Don’t worry, sir, you’re safe with us. At least until nap time.”


Though cats may well be impossible to herd, that doesn’t mean you can’t find them if you go looking! According to Japanese Twitter user mnt, “When I went to visit the cat community this afternoon, a huge procession came out to greet me!”

▼ Aww, we wish some cats would greet us everywhere we went!


And sometimes you’ll come across a cat tree. A rare specimen, indeed! Twitter user k_eihc speculated that “You just know that after this photo was taken, the cats started meowing because they couldn’t get down.”

▼ “We can come down whenever we want! We just…uh…want you to do it for us!”


With the heat this summer, we can only say that this is probably the best idea we’ve seen in a long time. It’s also a bit inspiring, as Japanese Twitter user prognob said, “They look like they’re getting along really well. Humans could learn a thing or two from them.”

▼ “No, it’s just too hot to fight.”


If you’re going to sleep on the job, do it in the most impressive way possible, we suppose. “Amazing!” wrote Twitter user y725uki, “it’s like it’s hatching from an egg!”

▼Cat eggs??


This picture will look familiar to anyone who’s woken up after a night of a few dozen too many drinks. Or maybe, as igaguri_ohkubo suggested, he’s really thinking, “Someday I’ll be a great rug! I better practice now.”

▼ Allow us to take this time to warn all college freshman: Vodka is not your friend.


This next picture is almost enough to completely derail your entire day. We dare you not to spend ten minutes squealing. The photo also led yoyo_cloko to comment, “Arg! Looking at this makes me wonder if my giant cat at home was ever really this tiny.”

▼ How to take over the world in three simple steps.
1) Be tiny and adorable.
2) Post selfies online.
3) Nap as new followers flock to you!


This fellow looks just like the stranger who fell asleep on my shoulder on the train last night. Well, at least the cat is cuter. suiheki111 seemed a bit confused by the picture, though. “Oh! I thought it was part of the furniture! =^_^=”

▼ “Wake me in October…next year.”


This could quite possibly be the making for the greatest buddy cop movie ever…though it may be more like “annoyed cop” movie. EmilyBro1 wrote, “The cat looks like he’s saying, ‘Just try poking me from behind, and I won’t forgive you for a second.’ The more I look at the cat’s eyes, the more I laugh.”

▼ “Two weeks from retirement and they stick me with a bird!” “CAW!”


With Halloween just a month away, we know what all the kittens want to be! _pan_of_age_, the Twitter user who tweeted this picture, wrote, “I heard about doing cosplay with animals and thought it would be cute, but this turned out much better than I had expected!”

▼ “The ciiircle of liiiiife!”


As summer fades from memory and winter fast approaches, this is a scene that will become more and more common in Japanese homes. Huddling in front of the kerosene heater and hoping not to inhale too many fumes is a time-honored tradition! EmilyBro1 returns with this one, writing, “The guy in the back is thinking, ‘But I’m still cold!'”

▼ Oh, drat, we’ll have to huddle together with the cats to stay warm!


We couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on here until we read the text tweeted with this photo: Cat undergoing remodeling.

▼ “We have the technology. […] Better…faster…stronger…”


This handsome cat picture was tweeted by the Lost Cat Search Support Group on Twitter. It seems that the cat’s home is in Kanagawa, so all you Kanto residents, keep your eyes open! If you spot this dashing feline, be sure to get in contact with the group.

▼ We bet he went to Hollywood to dethrone DiCaprio.


Well, here’s something a little different. These two cats are less “cute” and more “we will burn your house down and scratch your eyes out” scary. Twitter user ittyannbot seems to be able to read cat minds. “Get out of here! This is our turf!”

▼ They kind of look like Takeshi Kitano, too.


Cats have always seemed like brilliant martial arts masters to us clumsy humans, but this picture just drives the point home, doesn’t it? Japanese Twitter user tosichankangeki offered this caption for the picture: “Shao-cat-lin! Nyachaaaaaaaaaaa!”

▼ “Kitty claw!”


What, exactly, it is about boxes that cats love we may never know, but damned if we don’t love them for loving tight cardboard spaces! And their eyes, as picocastle commented, “…are so adorable when they’re looking right at you!”

▼ “Go ahead. Try to tape this box shut. See how it works out for you.”


The sign under the cat read “nekoyanagi,” which is the name of the tree the cat is perched next to.Yanagimeans “willow,” while “neko” means “cat.” And the tree’s name, when written in kanji, does in fact use the character for “cat!” How the photographer was lucky enough to snap this picture we may never know, but it’s just about perfect, isn’t it?

▼ Though the neko just look absolutely indignant.


Friendship can cross any boundary, can’t it? Whenever you’re feeling down, just remember these cats that look like bunnies! It won’t solve anything, but at least you’ll be thinking about kittens and bunnies!

▼ “Are you mommy?” “Go away!!!”


And today’s final cat picture doesn’t actually feature a cat. However, the black and white sign below reads: “Repent for your behavior towards cats! – The Bible.” It seems to be an anti-cat-bullying sign, directed at people who like to torture our adorable kitty friends. However, Twitter user gardenpapa wondered, “Which chapter was that in?? I guess I’m going to have to try rereading it. Hah!”

▼ But seriously, don’t torture cats!


And that wraps it up for today’s cat pictures. We hope you have a great weekend. Hopefully you’ll get to play with lots of kawaii neko!

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