Siri Personification

We’re all familiar with Apple’s module for voice commands, Siri. Available with Apple mobile devices, which are sold in 14 different countries, Siri is well-known around the world. But things start to get interesting when Siri is used in a language other than its original English.

When said in Japanese, Siri turns into Shiri, which is just one letter off from “Oshiri,” the Japanese word for “butt.” With a name like that, you can imagine what asset the illustrators of the Internet chose to accentuate when drawing the personification of Apple’s personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Just be warned, you might be embarrassed to look at some of these images at work.

▼ Nice oshiri, Siri.Siri Personification2

▼ Don’t forget, Siri comes in a male voice, too.Siri Personification3

▼ Siri-san looks so dapper!
Siri Personification10

Siri Personification6

▼ “This wasn’t the Siri I had in mind”Siri Personification14

▼ This Siri personification looks a little like vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.
Siri Personification4

Siri Personification11

▼ No oshiri in this one.
Siri Personification5

Siri Personification9

▼ “This is exactly how I imagine her.”

Siri Personification12

▼  Uh…
Siri Personification7

That last one has got to be our favorite. They really took the Siri/Oshiri similarity to heart.

Source: Nikita Sokuhou