Bandai, the third largest producer of toys in the world, has made a name for itself in Japan with a never-ending array of collectable capsule goods. From keychains to stationery to jewellery, and featuring popular characters like Hello Kitty and Gundam, a trip to the supermarket or shopping mall in Japan will inevitably have you passing one of these small machines, stacked up in rows of exciting possibility, enticing you to shell out that last 200 yen for the chance of a lucky score.

You might want to start saving your silver yen now because from mid-October, a new series of capsule toys will be hitting the market. The arrival of silicon lips, designed to sit on the home key on your smartphone, has got everyone talking in Japan.


Called the Smart Kiss, the soft, squishy lips come in 3 colours and 5 designs. The adhesive backing makes it easy to chop and change according to your mood or depending on the person you’re video-calling. Choose the smooching pout for a real-life simulation kiss with your long-distance partner or the cheeky tongue design to lighten a serious video call with the boss.


You don’t have to limit the fun to your smartphone though. These babies will stick to anything, so you can bring dolls, pictures or posters to life too. If you’ve ever longed to pucker up to your favourite celebrity crush and feel their lips on yours, this could just make your dreams come true.


As the only bare-lipped member of the group, the line-up even includes this set of male lips. Collect all 8 and use a different one each day!

Sources: ITmedia Kumayama.com