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What you see before you, dear reader, is a pair of original “Super Gokusen” denim hot pants from Japan-based online underwear retailer Shirohato. While we’re sure few of you, internet savvy and worldly-wise as you are, would ever be shocked to see a young lady wearing a pair of these tiny pants while, say, soaping up a sports car in one of your Dad’s old Playboys, or standing alongside a product in a cheesy ad on TV, we very much doubt that many would have dreamed that these undies are, in fact, meant to be worn by men.

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We’re all for equality here at RocketNews24, and admire any man who isn’t ashamed to put it all on show in the right setting, but this – this – is just terrifying.

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Upon discovering these photos online, we immediately sent them off for analysis at our labs. Using the very best scientific equipment that money can buy, our research team can confidently say that there is approximately 2.6 cubic centimetres of space inside these pants for a gentleman’s junk, and that’s with the zip open.

Unsurprisingly, no sooner had the first netizen spotted the tiny T-back online than the photos began popping up just about everywhere. Japan’s Twitter community, too, was both shocked and fascinated by the hot pants, and has been tweeting about them for much of the week so far, with one user even claiming to have seen a patient at the hospital they work at sporting a pair.

▼ “Some guy came into the hospital where I work wearing a pair of these!”

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It’s not clear whether said patient visited the hospital with injuries caused by the underwear or whether they just happened to be wearing them when they were brought in, but judging from the size of these things we’re inclined to believe that they were there seeking assistance with their removal.

The “super extreme short” denim hot pants are available to buy now from Shirohato, priced 3,045 yen (US$31), and come in either classic blue or clean white denim. May God have mercy on our souls.

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Shirohato