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In an industrious society like Japan, work comes first. It doesn’t matter if your job is selling insurance, building houses, or hunting and eating tasty little humans like the towering creatures from manga and anime hit Attack on Titan. When duty calls, you take care of business.

Of course, even the hardest working among us need a little rest and relaxation, and the titans are apparently no exception, as evidenced by a photograph that surfaced on Twitter showing a pair of the fleshless monsters enjoying a romantic date.

Those of you who keep an eye on Japanese pop culture trends are probably already familiar with the masculine monster shown above. Attack on Titan also includes a female titan, though. Although just as fleshless as her male counterpart, the female titan still retains her femininity with a fashionable bob cut.

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Despite their busy schedules terrorizing humanity, apparently the couple was able to take just enough time off to visit a local park to enjoy the beautiful view while cozily sitting side by side.

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Japanese commenters had the following to say:

“If you hadn’t seen the show, this would really freak you out.”
“What a hot couple! I mean, the fabric in those suits probably doesn’t breathe very well.”
“Is the whole park titan-sized, too?”
“That bench must be huge!”
“So tea comes in titan-sized bottles?”
“Oh my god, what happened to the protective walls to keep them outside human cities?”
“I totally want to fight them.”

For our part, there are three things we’d like to know.

1. Is that a sandwich Ms. Titan is holding?

2. If so, how many people are trapped inside it?

3. Do they go better with mayo or mustard?

Source: Hamusoku
Top image: CG World
Insert images: FC2, Twitter