Enji Night cosplay7Who doesn’t love to look at exquisitely executed cosplay photos? Whether it’s a Chinese kid who looks like a very convincing girl, champion cosplayers, or an adorable little Titan-fighting baby, there’s just something about our favorite anime, manga, and video game characters being brought to life that really makes us happy.

Cosplay-lovers take note, the beauty and elaborate costumes of Enji Night, a 22-year-old gamer model from Hungary, have the entire cosplay world talking.

First off, here’s a few more Mario cosplay photos to keep you satisfied.

Enji Night cosplay6

Enji Night cosplay9

Now on to a wide variety of Enji Night’s cosplay characters from video games, manga, and anime:

▼ Alice from Alice Madness ReturnsEnji Night cosplay5

▼ Jill Valentine from Resident EvilEnji Night Cosplay2

▼ Chun Li from Street FighterEnji Night Cosplay

▼ Videl from Dragon Ball ZEnji Night Cosplay3

▼ Ultima from Final Fantasy XIIEnji Night Cosplay12

▼ Ms. MarvelEnji Night cosplay4

▼ Rufi from One PieceEnji Night Cosplay11

▼ Yoko from Gurren LagannEnji Night Cosplay15

So what do you think? Do these photos have what it takes to stand tall amongst the awesome cosplay found around the world? Even if you don’t think Enji Night’s stuff is up to par, there’s no doubt that her female Mario (Maria?) costume is adorable!

Source: Byoukan Sunday
Images: Facebook, deviantart