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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word Vespa? A stylish mode of transportation for your date with an incognito princess? The perfect way to ironically get to the office if your workplace is too far away to commute to by fixed-gear bicycle?

Well, for a lot of people across Southeast Asia, Vespas and other scooters are simply an inexpensive, practical way to get around town. They’re so ubiquitous that just riding one in and of itself doesn’t make you stand out. To catch people’s eyes, you have to do something really outlandish, like creating a custom ride that puts not only your life in jeopardy, but also those of a couple of your friends, as shown in this video.

The video opens with a view out the back window of a car travelling in the slow lane of a highway, with a number of scooters and motorcycles coming up from behind. One vehicle seems substantially smaller than the others, but nonetheless quickly pulls up alongside the car, where it’s revealed to be a scooter with three people crammed onto it.

This scooter’s creator has passed on all of the myriad speed and cosmetic upgrades available to scooter enthusiasts. Instead, his focus seems to have been on lowering the scooter as much as possible, leaving the contraption sitting not much more than an inch above the asphalt.

With ride height taken care of, the next goal appears to have been maximizing seating capacity, ironically by removing anything resembling an actual seat. The three riders are wedged together with their knees drawn into their chests, assuring that wherever they’re headed, they’ll arrive with the same leg cramps they would have gotten from just running there really fast instead.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the lack of headgear on two of the riders, although anyone sporting the super-long mullet/Mohawk of the man in front is obviously brimming with more confidence than traditional common sense. We’re guessing the woman in the middle also feels somewhat secure from having two men serving as living, breathing airbags for her. Only the man in the back is sporting a helmet, but as we can see at the 22-second mark, even he can’t bring himself to care about this “safety” thing enough to bother actually buckling the chinstrap.

Based on the surroundings, some viewers have speculated that the video was recorded in Indonesia, although this is presently unconfirmed. We haven’t seen any evidence to contradict this theory, but if we had to fathom a guess, judging from this three-person scooter alone, we’d say it’s just as likely it was filmed in a little place called Crazyland.

Top image, video: YouTube
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