Feeling a little average these days? Sometimes it can be hard to get a sense of where you stand with the general public in terms of health, wealth, or Twitter followers. For that we present a compilation of averages that news compilation site Naver Matome found across the web.

If you’re Japanese and want to see how you match up to your fellow citizens, or if you live abroad and want to see how your life stacks up to those in Japan take a look. Chances are you’ll find something that’ll make you feel exceptional.

Average weight (adults)
Male: 67.6kg (149lbs.) / Female: 52.3kg (115lbs.)
Source: Paroday

It’s no wonder with all the lean foods and small portions that Japan is famous for. It should also be noted that this data is from 2010, before the release of Megaburgerpizza.

Average height (adults)
Male: 170.7cm (5’7”) / Female: 158cm (5’2”)
Source: Paroday

This is a figure that might change with the coming generations, a lot of teenagers both male and female seem to eclipse those figures above these days. Again, we suspect the involvement of a Megaburgerpizza.

Average male genitalia
Length: 13.9cm (5.5”) / Width: 3.9cm (1.5”)
Source: J-Drugs

Bear with us ladies, this is important. Although the dimensions were specified, there was no data regarding the average motion in the ocean.

Average lifespan for pair of sneakers
3.1 years
Source: Excite Bit

That seems really impressive. If I used the same pair of sneakers for three years they’d have to be 70% duct tape.

Average age of first kiss
17 years old
Source: Peachy

Mine was 13. Ah, I can still smell the mackerel-tinged breath of that Sea World dolphin…

Average number of Twitter followers
Source: ASCII

If your number of followers is lower than that and you’re concerned, here’s an easy way to increase it. Just send out tweets saying “I love [insert corporation Twitter address]” and your followers should steadily climb.

Average amount people would pay for an extra hour of sleep
1,083 yen (US$11)
Source: Pokka Corporation

I guess that’s a fair rate, but in the end, that extra hour is never as satisfying as you hoped.

Average time taken to get out of bed on a winter’s morning
13.3 minutes
Source: Weathernews

That’ll be $2.44.

Average bath time
26 minutes
Source: Heikin Oji

As long as you get out before your fingers start to prune.

Average amount of water used daily
238 litres (63gal)
Source: Yokohama Waterworks Bureau

That’s the equivalent of flushing a modern toilet around 30 times, otherwise known as the day after eating a Megaburgerpizza.

Average lifespan
Male: 79.95 years / Female: 86.44 years
Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

This sounds really great until we read…

Average age people want to live until
76.3 years
Source: Cosmo-Earth Corporation

Ladies, you might want to consider taking up smoking. I hear it’ll knock that decade right off.

Average monthly spending money (single, full-time worker)
40,600 yen/month (US$415)
Source: My Navi

That’ll buy you nearly two days’ worth of extra sleep.

Average number of credit cards owned
Source: JCB

I also have 3.5. That jerk waiter won’t give me back the other half.

Average savings (single, in 30s)
7,570,000 yen ($77,400)
Source: Brend

I could have helped get this average up but one day the manager of the “Nation Bank of Nigerialand” sent me an email and, well, sorry Japan.

Average time to get a new job
5.5 months
Source: Carrera

Unless of course you’re a talented bilingual writer, in which case you can apply to RocketNews24 and get some work right away!

Average side job monthly income
40,037 yen ($410)
Source: Heikin Oji

When including illegal “side-jobs” the figure skyrockets considerably.

Average overtime
10.2 hours/month
Source: Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare

That number seems surprisingly low given Japan’s reputation of working overtime. Given that the source is from the government this must be the officially reported amount of overtime worked.

Average bonus
776,949 yen ($7,950)
Source: All About

I get mine paid in hugs. It’s irritating at first but by the time it’s over I usually forget what I was angry about.

Average yearly salary
4,060,000 yen ($41,540)
Source: Nensyu-Labo

Incidentally if you were the person people paid 1,083 yen to work while they slept, on a full-time basis you would pull in 3,162,360 yen ($32,354), well below average. No wonder it’s an imaginary job.

Average number of lies told in a year
Male: 1,092 / Female: 728
Source: Tokyo Nylon Girls

What? I have no idea how they came up with those numbers… No, sorry, that’s a lie. They took the average number of lies per day and projected it over a year.

Let’s see, 10 October… That’s number 847.

Average number of times to confess one’s true feelings about someone
Male: 1.8 / Female: 4.5
Source: My Navi

Sometimes I make up confessions just to hit my 1,092 lie quota.

Average amount of money a husband hides from his wife
3,645,000 yen ($37,319)
Source: DIY Seimei

It’s an unfortunate part of marriage in Japan that husbands often squirrel away large sums of money. Although popular it’s not something I would condone or ever do.


Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Top Image: Wikipedia – Nikodem Nijaki
Images: Wikipedia – Da Vinci, Tokyoship, Luigi Zanasi, Edward Govan/DWaterson, Jim Maes, Strolch1983