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When it comes to technology, Japan is thought of as one of the world’s leaders in quality and innovation. Japanese cell phones, televisions and cameras have long been considered some of the best in the world. But what about personal computers? How many people whom you know would pick a Fujitsu over a Mac or an HP?

The truth is that Japan is a bit behind when it comes to using home computers. Most of the functions that a computer serves can also be performed using cell phones and word processors, so a lot of Japanese people fail to see the point of owning one, and may only gain an introduction to computers if their work requires it. Many schools do not have computer labs for the students to use, and many households do not even have so much as a home computer for the family to share. This means that many Japanese people do not come into contact with computers until they are well into their adult lives. This can lead to some strange misunderstandings, as the things we consider to be common computer knowledge become amusingly misunderstood.

Naver Matome collected a fun sample of stories from people whose friends and family had trouble with their computers. Their ignorance is our bliss in this amusing collection of computer fail.

Some people just don’t get it.

“This is a message from my real-life friend: ‘I bought Internet today!’”

“So my friend went out to try and buy Skype. “I didn’t buy Skype…orz I asked the store clerk if they had any in stock and they just laughed really hard…I wanna die…’”

“I teach a programming class and told the students to send me an e-mail showing me the code that they wrote. One student sent me a message from his cell phone with a photo of his computer screen attached…”

Some people only think they get it.

“The average person understands that Photoshop is ‘drawing software.’ So, I mentioned to someone that I was thinking of drawing a friend of mine. They said, ‘But in this case the illustrator is Photoshop. That seems a bit unfair, since it’s the computer that does the drawing.’ That’s really not how it works, but I didn’t correct them…”

“My mom said that she was afraid that she’d forget her user password, so she opened up Notebook and saved it as a text file. I dunno how she expects to get to the file…”

“At work there was an older man who always struck me as being really knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but then I heard him boasting, ‘They call me Reboot Yasuo, because I always just restart my computer to fix it.’ I used to look up to him as a father figure! Thinking about it now, I could cry.”

“A girl at my part-time job once told me, ‘I’m really good with computers. When I get on the Internet, I don’t use Internet Explorer. I use—what was it? Not the something-or-other fox one. Umm…oh! Cabos! I use Cabos!’ I think she was trying to impress me, but it just made me shudder.” (Cabos is a file sharing program, just fyi.)

“I knew a boy in middle school who said he knew a lot about computers. I asked him what his OS was, and he confidently replied, ‘Intel!’ I guess he had Intel inside.”

Some people get violent over it.

“When I was back in kindergarten, they taught us to turn off our computers by clicking ‘Start’ and then ‘Shut down.’ When my friend heard that, he was like, ‘It’s weird to click ‘Start’ when you’re done with the computer!’ and refused to hit start. And yet, when he finally did turn it off, he looked very pleased with himself.”

“Yesterday, a seemingly well-off person came into the electronics shop and asked, ‘If a computer gets a virus, doesn’t it go BAM and emit smoke or something?’ It was the kind of thing I’d expect to hear 10 years ago from an old man with no computer experience.”

And some people could actually be helpful, but choose not to.

“An actual conversation between my friends:
Guy one: “Could you teach me about PC environments?”
Guy two: “It’s a bright and sunny place.”

“A long time ago I asked my co-worker if they’d help me reconfigure my computer. They met me later and cheerfully said, ‘I moved your computer over to the window.’ It made me do a spit-take. Another time I asked what sort of peripheral equipment I should use. They said ‘A kotatsu (heated table).’ Did they really hate me so much..?”

“My deadbeat brother just said, “I’m gonna create a computer virus that makes it so that whenever couples within Japan send an e-mail that says, ‘I love you,’ it’ll change to ‘I love dogs.’ He seemed so fired up for once, I gave him 500 yen (about US$5) to get started.”

Do any of you have your own tales of technical fail? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Image: Free Images Live