This bath mat is so popular that it’s sold out on many of its retail websites. The reason for its popularity? It’s said to feel so good and absorb moisture so well that it surpasses anything that’s come before it. Oh, and it’s made entirely from soil.

Available in three natural colours, using Diotomaceous Earth (DE) from Ishikawa and Akita Prefectures, the bath mat is entirely natural, with nothing else added. It’s simply harvested and moulded, using craftsmen’s trowels.


Diotomaceous soil is made from tiny, fossilized water plants that existed in the prehistoric period so when you dry your feet, you’ll be standing on thousands of years of Earth’s history!


The secret to the mat’s moisture-wicking quality lies in the millions of naturally occurring, microscopic holes which make it incredibly porous and deodorising. The picture below is a good indication of how quickly the mat can return to its original, dry state.


Standing on the cool mat straight after a hot bath or shower is said to give your whole body a fantastic sensation. Many customers also commented that it was fun to feel the mat sucking the wetness from their feet, which was unlike anything they’d felt before.


The surface is smooth and feels like slate. The white mat contains soil from Akita Prefecture, the pink has soil from Ishikawa Prefecture, and the green uses a combination of the two.


The bath mat comes in several sizes. While the original designs weigh in at 6kg each, a thinner, lighter mat has been made available, which weighs 1.66kg. Priced at 7,875 yen (USD$80.00), orders can be shipped internationally.


To see just how fast a soil bath mat can absorb water, check out the video below:

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