What’s better than a ripoff of a top-selling game? A ripoff of a top-selling game featuring characters ripped off a top-selling anime!

If you own a smartphone and occasionally (or heavily) dabble in mobile games, you should have come across Puzzle & Dragons, one of the top grossing puzzle games available on both iOS and Android platforms. The Japanese developed mobile game’s tremendous success worldwide has led to many envious game developers producing “inspired” games of a similar genre.

Now, it is almost common knowledge that the Chinese are geniuses at creating imitations of anything and everything, so everyone would have expected them to make a pirated version of the monster-battling puzzle game eventually, but they have yet again managed to exceed expectations, incorporating characters and themed events based on one of the year’s hottest anime, Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan.

The Chinese game developed for Android, Dragon’s Attack, is heavily influenced by Puzzle & Dragons, both in terms of gameplay and appearance.

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the title, in a nutshell, the player collects characters in the form of cards in the game, and forms a team, leading the team through dungeons to battle dragons and monsters. The battle sequence involves some traditional gem-based puzzle action, and upon each victory, the player gains experience points, in-game currency and more character cards, which are essential in order to evolve your characters and strengthen your team.

In China’s Dragon’s Attack, however, you get to recruit members of the Recon Corps (a military unit in Attack on Titan) into your team. And who will you be battling against, you ask? The Titans, of course!

▼ Battle sequence. Defeat the Titans!


▼ A total of nine character cards were released for the Attack on Titan event in the game (excluding Titans).


▼ Captain of the Recon Corps, Levi.


▼ Witty strategist, Armin.


▼ Everybody’s favorite “potato girl”, Sasha.


▼ This one is titled “Wings of Freedom”. Probably inspired by the logo of the Recon Corps, but seriously, we don’t get it.


▼ What’s an Attack on Titan event without Mikasa. This is the evolved version of the card.


▼ Evolved version of the Eren card. Instead of transforming into a Titan, his Titan form floats around behind him? So weird.


▼ Armored Titan charging in!


▼ Watch out for the Colossal Titan too!


Though the Attack on Titan theme is a fairly new addition to the game, it appears that the developers have already been infusing anime elements since the game was released.

▼ Cover girl for Dragon’s Attack – Saber (Fate/stay Night)?!


▼ How many of these cloned characters can you recognize?


It is understandable that everyone wants a piece of the hottest thing in town. But resorting to complete copies of intellectual property as a shortcut to success is not cool. These imitators need a copy of “integrity” in their work, could somebody send them some, please?

Source: Jin (Japanese)
Images: d.cn, Jin