In the West, we have eBay. But here in Japan, it’s all about Yahoo! Auctions. By far the most popular auction site in the the country, it’s the one-stop shop for picking up a great deal on anything and everything under the sun. We took a look at some of the items up for bids and came away dizzy from the weird and wonderful possibilities in store. We bring you 40 of the stand-out auction items for you to enjoy.

▼ A stop-switch for the total solar eclipse – a switch to control the movements of the universe! It’s authentic if it comes with a handwritten note, right?


 An unwashed ball of cat fur – interestingly enough, not the strangest item on the list.


▼ Bronze statue of a founding President – look like anyone you know? If so, you’ve just found the perfect gift.


Marble Chocolate Telephone – who needs a hamburger phone when you can use a Japanese chocolate phone?


Louis Vuitton soccer ball – specially designed for the 1998 World Cup in France.


A traditional Japanese Kokeshi Doll – with a creepy facelift


A cardboard cockpit – why put all those construction hours to waste when you can recycle your cardboard creation at auction?


 A kewpie water pistol – once upon a time, kewpies were cute baby logos for a mayonnaise company. Now they’re terrifying us in all shapes and forms.


A check car – the Suzuki Alto Lapin, with its bunny logo, is popular with the ladies of Japan. This unique design will have your friends dropping their handbags in excitement!


Ball Cart VC75 – it might look like a shopping cart but its actually used to carry balls. Baseball pitching practice balls.


Jinsei – literally meaning a life, what’s on offer here is the chance to listen to someone’s life story. Despite the fact that people usually pay not to listen to such things…


 Dajare – literally meaning pun, these jokes that play on words are a big part of Japanese humour. This auction is for 100 cold-related puns. Hot-related puns sold separately.


Tegami for you – continuing with the appeals to the lonely, this auctioneer promises to write you a tegami, a handwritten, personal letter.


“My four-frame comic that I put my sweat and tears into” – the seller admits his work isn’t good but says that’s part of the charm.


“My carefully hand-drawn picture” – The mysterious closing bid of 1.3 billion yen suggests that maybe the owner eventually got too attached to his Mickey Mouse.


A dead monster – beauty is in the eye of the bidder.


Hot spring footbath – this one’s designed for business use but that doesn’t mean you can’t set it up in your backyard. Soaking your cold toes in winter is always a treat!


Set of 100 Chocoball Gold Angel tabs – half the fun of buying Chocoballs is in looking at the box tab to see if there’s a gold angel printed inside. Find one and you can exchange it for a prize from the Morinaga Company. That’s right, 100 tabs means 100 prizes.


A drawing by an elephant – own an original piece from a unique breed of artists.


▼ A bushman’s cosplay outfit – when you want to cosplay in the woods and camouflage yourself from prying eyes at the same time.


Thank you stickers – show your thanks and your inherent laziness with this enormous supply of stickers.


A bird’s nest – if you were after a CD-sized nest then this is your lucky day.


A tobacco shop stand – perfect for the adult who wants to play shop at home. Hopefully not with the kids.


Gundam – this auction for charity offered the chance to sit on the shoulder of a full-size Gundam and have a photo taken. The winning bid was 2.6 million yen.


 A Steve McQueen figure – surprisingly this is the least nightmare-inducing figure in the dolls-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep-collection.


Makoto-chan doll – here’s a totally unscary doll to invite into your home. Who needs a Tickle Me Elmo when you can purchase something like this?


▼ A Sumo Hades overlord – another guy you don’t want watching over you while you sleep.


Three traditional Japanese dolls – who said bad things happen in threes? An armless decapitated doll awaits the answer.


▼ A Portable Toilet – why renovate your house when you can just plant one of these in your backyard?


▼ Limited Edition Yoshino rice bowls – beef bowl fast food chain restaurant, Yoshinoya, helped celebrate Yahoo!’s 10-year anniversary with these special rice bowls, not available at retail.


10,000 yen note golf balls – combine your love of money and golf with a set of balls you’ll never want to lose.


Ultraman hanger – finally you can see what Ultraman looks like dressed in your favourite business suit!


Lottery stand – selling for a 10,000 yen (US$100.00) minimum this is a bargain. Lottery tickets not included.


Original US armed forces D 1-A cold weather face mask – used by the U.S. army, this mask can withstand -30 degree Celsius temperatures. And puzzled looks from neighbours.


Kamen rider cyclone bike – own the bike used by the masked rider from the manga and TV series.


▼ A handmade Lamborghini – cutting up your car to feel the wind in your hair probably seemed like a good idea at the time. No word as to whether or not the pink crucifix will be included in delivery.


Nintendo DS with hand-carved lid – what price can you put on hours of painstaking work like this?


Democratic Party Secretary-General Ichiro Ozawa ‘s wedding memento – obviously one guest at the wedding didn’t care too much for spoons.


 Illustrations of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac – drawn by six girls of different ages, with particularly interesting takes on the snake and dog designs.


▼ Personal Computer – The seller decked out an ordinary PC and called it the Ferrari of all computers. Runs as fast and looks as cool as the sportscar.


Love them or hate them, one thing’s for sure: a journey through Yahoo auctions is never boring!

Sources: Naver Matome